Q&A With Dr. Charles Wallace Of Plastic Surgery Center And Med Spa

1. Word is you have added some new services to your practice. What are they?

BodyTite and FaceTite: These are devices that we have had now for a couple of years and used the time-tested principles of radiofrequency energy to reduce fat, tighten skin, tighten underlying connective tissue and stimulate collagen. Through a very well-thought-out system of temperature sensors, this has been made into a very safe system because the machine automatically cuts off if those temperatures that can be problematic are approached. These are done either under local anesthesia or possibly general, depending on where, extent, and patient preference.

Plasma Pen: This is a very new device that is somewhat unique amongst the energy devices. It is a small handheld device that packs a lot of power for its physical size. In some ways it resembles in terms of outcomes, the older Pixel/Fraxel lasers, but in a much easier to manage device, a much more precise delivery and a shorter recovery time, albeit, that it does result in 4-6 days of downtime and some redness, much less than the old lasers. This is generally used on the face, especially rough skin, fine lines and can go right up to the edge of the eyelids, which is one of its real strong areas.

WiQo Peel: This is also a new technique that involves an old technology of trichloroacetic acid, but modified with some additives to help it penetrate the epidermis and not result in sloughing or redness of the skin, but tightening of the mid-dermis and production of collagen. This can be done actually anywhere on the body, albeit, that it is mostly a face, neck and decolletage procedure. It has applications elsewhere that are being expanded daily.

No Scar on Breast Procedure: This procedure has been around since the 1980s and was improved upon in the early 1990s with the adaptation of endoscopic surgery to axillary incisions. I have done a couple thousand of these and redone a number of them, in many cases substituting silicone implants for the old saline implants. While not every redo can be done through the armpit, many can and we still put new Gummy Bear implants in through the armpit depending on the patient’s situation and sizes that are desired. The resulting scar is almost impossible to find.

Morpheus8: This is the other side of the BodyTite/FaceTite machine. This is a micro-needling with radiofrequency device that is truly amazing. We have had it now for a little over 2 years. It has been improved upon sequentially. We are able to vary the depth, as well as vary the energy and do all kinds of improvement to skin texture or tone, fine lines, pores, etc., with minimal to no downtime. Come by the office and we can go over this in more detail as you see fit.

TruSculpt: The TruSculpt device is a novel means introduced about a year ago utilizing radiofrequency energy to melt fat through the skin without burning the skin. It is proven to be useful for minor areas of problems, sometimes touching up other liposuction or tummy tucks and problem areas on less thick people who might not want to deal with a surgical procedure. It can be readily repeated. It is not painful. It really has minimal risks involved. While it is designed as a one­ stage procedure, the reality is, is that it can be repeated as necessary to work towards the desired goals. The key to the success of TruSculpt is understanding its limitations, as well as its strengths. Obviously, if somebody is 30 or 40 pounds overweight and carries most of it in the stomach, this is not going to be an appropriate procedure. However, if someone is little bit overweight or has already had a tummy tuck and needs a little touch-up, this may be just the thing.

2. You are known for being a real stickler about new technology, carefully evaluating selecting the best. How do you know when to add a technology to your practice?

At this stage of practice, having been in private practice now for over 30 years, sorting out what works, what is worthwhile, what is safe and what is reasonable is an ongoing challenge. Laser device manufacturers constantly come out with new apparatus and wild claims about that it will accomplish. Some of these claims are well-based and some of them belong in a fairytale. All sorts of new energy delivery methods including cooling, heating, radiofrequency, ultrasound and others have been adapted to the aesthetic space in the last 10 years. Some of them work a little. Some of them work a lot. Some of them are effective only at taking a biopsy of the patient’s wallet. I have told you about the new devices that we have here of late and I have personally evaluated these very carefully; not for profitability, but for a liability in achieving excellent results and we continue to do so. I am always open to new technology and new ideas, but I demand the safety data first, the efficacy data behind that and then look at the reputation and reliability of the manufacturer over the years to assess that along with hands-on personal assessment.

3. Let’s talk about silicone implants available. How have they changed?

Silicone implants were invented where I did my residency in Houston in 1962. Through the 1960s, they evolved, but did not have huge changes. In the 1970s, a variety of changes took place through the 1980s that included variations in wall thickness and all sorts of things and unfortunately, a few of these got a little too thin. Very little was done in terms of advancement through the 1990s thanks to misguided information that became overly-publicized and resulted in a huge scare about silicone implants. With the 21 Century, we saw the development in Europe and South America of Gummy Bear implants, which were finally approved in America in 2012. Sientra and Allergan have led the way on this with Sientra getting the first implants approved in America and now those are all made in America in 3 different densities, as well as many different shapes. Allergan has 3 different densities also, many different shapes and some larger sizes depending on what a patient’s actual requirements are. These are excellent implants that we believe will last many years and indeed Sientra have upped the warranty for replacement expenses out to 20 years; an industry first.

For a complete discussion as it pertains to you, please come and visit Dr. Wallace and we can narrow a very broad discussion down to the specifics pertinent to your situation.

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