Providing the Best Care for Oral Health

DFW Oral Surgeons

World Health Organization (WHO) says oral health is a key indicator of holistic health, well-being, and quality of life. It is estimated that oral diseases affect close to 3.5 billion people worldwide. Many people fail to understand that ignoring oral health can severely affect other body parts, like the heart. According to Mayo Clinic, poor oral hygiene increases the risk of bacterial infections, which can enter the bloodstream and affect the heart valves.

DFW Oral Surgeons strives to provide the best surgical care for any oral health need so that community people experience excellent oral hygiene and healthy smiles. The wide variety of services they offer has significantly impacted people’s well-being; hence the clinic has received the ‘Best of Denton County’ award for five consecutive years.

“We have been serving the community in and around Flower Mound, Texas, for more than thirty years. We believe that nothing is more important than our patients,” says Dr. John Shillingburg, a board-certified oral surgeon who has been practicing with DFW Oral Surgeons for more than ten years.

“The professional service and courtesy shown to every patient is a true testament to Dr. Shillingburg’s hard work & effort to treat everyone like family,” a patient wrote a review.

The team of 12, with the highest expertise in their fields, makes DFW Oral Surgeons a top destination in the Dallas Forth Worth area. Anyone who enters the clinic is mesmerized by the ambiance, cleanliness, and the ever-smiling staff members’ positive attitude.

“One thing I love about our office is our technology. We have a 3D Cone Beam CT scanner, which emits the lowest radiation and allows us to view patients’ x-rays in a 3D fashion,” Dr. Shillingburg said. “One of the instruments we use to place dental implants precisely is called X-Nav. It is a navigated dental implant placement device that uses the same navigation surgery performed in hospitals.” 

The team is committed to taking the best care of their patients in a kind and safe environment. “We have Lauren Meeske BSN-RN to our staff to give our patients additional care, and we have surgeon Dr. Lico Castillo joining our office this fall,” community liaison Marlene Rodriguez stated.

DFW Oral Surgeons care about the well-being of the people before, during, and after the procedure. One of the best things is they always make a point to call patients to check on them and see if they have any questions following their appointment.

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