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Things to keep in mind this planting season

There’s a lot going on these days, many things affecting our current economy & overall climate as a Nation. Unfortunately, it’s not skipping the landscape industry. On top of what seems to be inflation across the board, we’ve
got freight, farming, fuel, and water costs rising all while the demand continues to grow.

On top of these current challenges majority of plant material across the US has been affected by the crazy weather patterns we’ve experienced skyrocketing the supply and demand issues we are seeing today. What this will mean for us is a younger crop, we’re going to pay more and get less, unfortunately. We’re not seeing the availability of larger plant material as we have in years past. Today’s 15gal plant is significantly smaller than it was a couple of years back, the number of good size 7gal plants has drastically decreased leaving you paying 7gal prices for what should be a 3gal size plant.

We recommend taking this as an opportunity to assess. Think about what worked & what didn’t, what you liked vs what you’d like to change. This is the perfect time for that update you’ve been putting off. We get many calls a week where we go out to assess the landscaping that has lost 30-40% of its plant material. With today’s pricing, you will pay a lot more to try and get larger plant material and in many cases, it makes more sense to remove everything and start fresh.

Hopefully, this helps to shine a little light on questions you may be having in regards to the plant material costs you’re getting back and why.

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