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When looking for a dentist, most people prefer one located within their community, or even in their neighborhood. If you live in the vicinity of Argyle, the choice isn’t that difficult. How about a local practice providing the most up-to-date dental technology and procedures, two highly skilled dentists, a dedicated staff, and offers dental treatment and oral care for your entire family? Argyle Family Dentistry is all that and more.

The goal of Argyle Family Dentistry’s entire team is to make sure you and your family receive first-class dental care and maintain your long-term dental health so you are proud to show off that beautiful smile. Their hope is to create long-lasting relationships while providing you with the dental care you deserve.

Within this practice, you have the benefit of two dentists, Dr. Hooper and Dr. Hajiyani, who work in tandem.

Dr. Brandon Hooper, DDS performs all services of dentistry, from general and cosmetic to oral surgery. Nothing is left out of his portfolio of skills. Because he loves to work with children, Dr. Hooper also practices pediatric dentistry. He understands a child’s fears, as well as the anxiety their parents must feel, and has a talent for putting everyone at ease. In fact, his calming and friendly personality has a positive effect on all patients. “It’s important that we listen to our patients’ concerns and work together to come up with the best treatment that works for them,” Dr. Hooper said.

Dr. Uzma Hajiyani practices general dentistry, such as fillings, dentures, and more. Her mission is to provide the highest level and most compassionate treatment for her patients. “My approach is patient-centric,” said Dr. Hajiyani. “You will receive personalized care, and every detail of your visit will be analyzed with the highest standards.”

Dental work can be scary at any age, but the team at Argyle Family Dentistry is by far the most compassionate and caring group you will ever know — all with the talent to give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

940.464.3500 | 415 HWY 377 S., Ste. 201 | Argyle, TX 76226

photo courtesy of Samantha Morrow & Catlin McMillian.

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