Only the Beginning

For the past eight years, Charlotte Wilcox has served as Mayor of the City of Highland Village; and what a great service she has provided to our residents. She has made a lasting impact on the community and the people in a way that she never expected. Charlotte was appointed Mayor by the council in 2014 although her run for council actually began in 2009 and then continued when she was re-elected in 2011 and 2013. “In 2014, Mayor Pat Davis was elected and resigned within a week. Our charter says the council will appoint someone to fulfill that position until the next election which was in 2015. The Council appointed me Mayor and that was how I got started,” Charlotte recalled.

Serving her community has always been in Charlotte’s blood. She grew up watching her dad give back to their community and it instilled in her the desire and need to do the same. “I was first appointed in 2006 to the Planning and Zoning Board of Highland Village. After spending 3 years on that board learning as much as possible, I decided to run for council,” Charlotte said.

In her eight years as Mayor, Charlotte has seen and experienced some incredible moments that would have never been possible without the platform and position that she was given. “I have so many fond and favorite memories,” Charlotte said. “Working with our residents, businesses, and our schools to promote Highland Village was always a favorite.

I enjoyed the Mayor for the Day. Or back when the schools could come to the City and we could talk about what we do as a council. The Mayoral challenges I have participated in with the surrounding Cities were fun, too. The proceeds went to local nonprofits so it was fun but also a good opportunity to help raise money for them. And finally, being invited to participate in astronauts link up with Briarhill Middle School and having the Governor attend was a favorite too. I enjoyed everything!”

But it wasn’t just fun and games during Charlotte’s time as Mayor. Charlotte and the council made great accomplishments for the City of Highland Village. “First of all, we are a team of 7 on Council so I have to give credit to my team. We’ve accomplished so much during my time. First and foremost, we hired a new City Manager, Paul Stevens, after our long time City Manager, Mike Leavitt retired,” Charlotte recalled. “We achieved a AAA bond rating, which is the highest given by Standard and Poors. We raised the homestead exemption for our seniors and disabled. We dedicated the footbridge at Doubletree Ranch Park as the PFC Aaron M Hudson Memorial Bridge. We opened Lakeside Community Park, rebuilt Kids Kastle park, built the dog park K-9 Kastle, plus so much more.”

In addition, thanks to the efforts of Mayor Wilcox and her Council the public safety of the city now has a state-of-the-art dispatch center, a new fire engine, and two school resource officers. “Our infrastructure improved with 22 new streets reconstructed and we are the proud owner of two frozen precipitation removal devices (snow plows),” Charlotte proudly stated.

But what Charlotte is truly most proud of during her eight-year term as mayor is all of the friends that she has made. “I was always glad when people reached out to me to see if I could help them with an issue or concern. See, it’s all about helping others,” Charlotte mentioned.

-And to the residents of Highland Village, Mayor Charlotte Wilcox would like to say thank you. “Thank you for this opportunity. Without you, I would have never had this experience and I am truly humbled and blessed. I am honored to have been elected to serve the people of Highland Village and I look forward to seeing everyone around town,” Charlotte said. “Since being on council and serving as Mayor was never on my radar, I know it was a God thing.

I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me.”

It truly is only the beginning.

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