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Cooler nighttime temps allow for a refreshing start to the day if you’re out and about in the mornings! It’s a very exciting time of year to be in the business as everyone is getting “Fall Fever”. Patio construction is in FULL SWING getting people ready for family visits & our Landscape Teams have plenty to do getting paint material in the ground and things looking good prior to the Holiday season.

October is one of the most critical months when it comes to the exterior and landscape maintenance around your home. Here are a few things to add to your “To-do” list.


– Ensure Windows and doors are properly sealed. Restricting unwanted airflow will keep things comfortable inside and help reduce any unwanted guests.

– All exposed wood surfaces are painted or sealed to ensure that things are protected and less affected by weather as the cold weather and rain move in and out.

– Check out your roof to make sure no shingles have come off during our last round of summer storms and that the gutters are clean and free of debris.


– Cutback and prune this year’s growth. This will not only help to keep your beds organized but also promote new growth come spring.

– Remove, cultivate, fertilize and add a new 2″ layer of mulch. We lean towards a shredded mulch vs. bark or large cut. It will hold the best, not float, and as it breaks down, it offers a great weed/moisture barrier (keep in mind, the mulch should be kept below the brick line so you don’t chance getting rainwater in the weep holes during a rain event).

– Oct. thru Dec. is a great time to plant large shrubs and trees. Allowing them to start rooting over the winter months will make summer heat a lot less hazardous to their health.

– Go ahead as things cool off and cut back on the irrigation. Watering a couple of times a week and ensuring your rain sensor is operating effectively should be sufficient and help your monthly spending.

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