Now is a Great Time for Children’s First Orthodontic Evaluation

Since October is Orthodontic Health Awareness Month, there’s no better time for parents to bring their children to Dr. Kimberly Gronberg and her team at Gronberg Orthodontics in Highland Village. 

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children receive their first evaluation by age 7 or 8. Even though most will not need treatment for several years, being evaluated now can help plan for the future and prevent potential problems through intervention. 

“Orthodontics is not just for aesthetics. It’s also for proper function of teeth and proper bite to make sure there’s no wear and tear on your teeth over time,” said Gronberg, who again was named the top orthodontist in this year’s Best of Denton County voting. “Function will be better. It’s easier to keep teeth clean and straight as well. And of course, aesthetics come with it as well.”

Gronberg and fellow doctors Lauren Davis and Charlene Sugay don’t just focus on teeth. They also look into jaw alignment and often spot things regular dentists can’t. 

“We’ll take a panoramic X-ray complimentary because sometimes the dentist can’t take it because people’s insurance won’t pay for it,” said Gronberg, whose practice is celebrating its 13th year. “There’s a lot of things in the bite that the dentist can’t see in the bite wing X-rays.”

Orthodontists use a variety of additional jaw correcting appliances including Herbst appliances, Forsus springs, Carriere distalizers, and expanders to change the growth and development of the jaws. 

“We also have a new machine that produces a 3D picture which really helps us in diagnosis,” she said. 

Gronberg estimates about 75% of her patients are adolescents. The 25% who are adults typically are seen for aesthetic purposes such as clear brackets or clear aligners.

“With clear aligners like Invisalign, it’s all about who is setting up the case on the computer,” she said. “You really want someone who knows how to move teeth virtually on the computer so it sets up the liners correctly.”

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