Mother’s Day Gifts That Suit Her Love Language

Author Gary Chapman wrote an amazing book that was first published in 1995 called The 5 Love Languages®. That got us thinking: Do you know Mom’s love language? Read through Mr. Chapman’s list below and see which one best describes your mother.

The explanation for each language is listed below, along with a few Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Words of Affirmation:

Verbal compliments expressing your love and appreciation. Mom doesn’t hear thank you enough, so why not put it into words? Take the time to create a card, poem, or picture depicting your sentiment for her selflessness.

Acts of Service:

Any act that eases the burden of responsibility. After all, mom sure does do a lot for us, right?! The kids can all pitch in, and both work on a meal and clean up afterward. Maybe Dad can do the dishes and get the kids ready for bed. That leaves mom to relax and enjoy her day.

Quality Time:

Focused and undivided attention spent together. This is by far the most popular gift because most moms just want to spend time with their families uninterrupted by phones, iPads, or video games. Put together a picnic lunch and take her to a park or on some kind of outing. Go to a restaurant where
everyone is comfortable – nothing stuffy or overpriced.

Giving Gifts:

Tangible symbols that reflect your thoughtfulness and effort. Okay, now we’re talking. Show mom how much you love and appreciate her with some beautiful earrings, a necklace, maybe even a Mary Kay gift basket complete with lipstick, lotions for her feet and hands, facial creams and moisturizer. There are a million gift ideas out there that are affordable and show how much you care – even if it’s a pair of super soft and comfortable pajamas for cold nights of lounging.

Physical Touch:

A non-sexual touch that reinforces your presence (hugging, handholding, massage). This could also be in the form of a gift as well, perhaps a well-deserved mani-pedi or facial with a glass of wine, or a relaxing spa retreat? Many of your favorite local businesses are running special Mother’s Day packages as we speak, so be sure and get mom on the
list immediately.

Whatever her love language, make sure to ask mom exactly what she wants. Guys and kids often overthink what mom might want every year for Mother’s Day; they should instead stick to the basics and focus on what comes from the heart. Chances are, all she really wants is some family time
and to know you love her.

These are just some ways to show her just how much you appreciate what she does for you, unconditionally, every day. Oh, and by the way. If you want to grab a copy of Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages®, it can be found at any Barnes & Noble or as an audio book.

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