More Than Just a Lawyer

Law Office of Kimberly N. Shanklin.

Kimberly Shanklin has become a well-known expert in finding the perfect balance of a beautiful and fulfilling family life with a successful career as a beloved Denton County family and criminal lawyer. While it can be difficult for many people to be able to find success in both family and career, Kimberly has made it look seamless because she worked hard to achieve that balance. Her determination to be an honest lawyer who delivers on what she promises has gained her a quality over quantity reputation, all while maintaining family as her number one priority.

Putting family first helps her stay focused on setting an example for her sons by showing them if they focus their effort and put in the work they too will have a fulfilled life.  Clients have issues that come up at all hours. Knowing how to prioritize those issues and set boundaries has made life easier for Kimberly and she sets those same boundaries with her sons because they need to understand the nature of what it means to help people in need and that sometimes it is not all about them.” I want to raise hard-working, responsible, loyal, trustworthy humans,” Kimberly said.

Kimberly was a partner in her former law firm and left after 13 years when she realized, that as her family was growing, that bigger law firm wasn’t ideal for the family and professional life that she envisioned. From there, she made the decision to leave that firm and branch out on her own. That’s when the Law Firm of Kimberly Shanklin, PLLC was born. “I wish I had done it sooner,” Kimberly said. “I’ve loved every second of it. It was the best career decision I made for the quality of life I wanted. I got to do things as a mom that I was missing out on and still get the client results I worked hard for. Seeing my boys at their games, events, and not feeling the “mom guilt” made me a better lawyer. My boys get to see it’s possible to be successful in your career and how to show up for your family,” she said.

While Kimberly’s passion lies with representing her clients in a meaningful way, her true love is being a wife to her husband Brody, District Judge of the 211th Judicial District Court of Denton County, and mom to their two boys, “bonus son” Bryce, 22, and Brock, 16. Bryce is graduating from the University of Arkansas business school. Kimberly always wanted to have another child but after an emergency hysterectomy a week after Brock was born removed that possibility, she put her family and her life in God’s hands. “Now that Brock is 16 it has become very apparent God knew there was no way I could handle another child because Brock is pretty much the epitome of what you would envision a child of two lawyers would be like. He’s smarter than both of us, quick-witted, always ready to argue his points, and leaves me looking to client’s dire situations for some reprieve at times,” Kimberly said.

Clients in traumatic, low points of their lives are coming to Kimberly for hope, answers, and help. “Knowing I am centered in my family life allows me to give my clients the energy and focus they need. I will continue to maintain my law practice in Denton County and build upon it by staying true to what works for my family, and my clients,” Kimberly said. “One of the best things that happens in my career is when a former client refers someone because they left our relationship happy. I maintain contact with several of my clients because I genuinely like them as people. That’s the perk of running your own law firm, you choose who you work for. Sometimes I tell clients I am not their girl and send them to someone else I think would be a better fit. I’m not going to take on a case that I don’t feel I can deliver what a client may be seeking. I am grateful to be working in Denton County with some of the most talented, professional, and friendly lawyers and Judges around and look forward to meeting many more people I can help out in their time of need.”

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