Over the last year and a half, the world experienced some of the most trying and difficult times in our history. Our local community in Denton County was no exception to that statement. When the world as we know it is falling apart, it takes great leadership to piece our world back together. In the election of 2021, the town of Flower Mound made a great step in that direction by electing Flower Mound local Derek France as Mayor.

Derek France is your average citizen of Flower Mound. He is a husband, father of three, and businessman. When asked why he decided to run for Mayor of Flower Mound, Derek responded, “I saw an opportunity when Mayor Dixon decided not to run again. I wanted to represent the residents of Flower Mound, and I felt that I could represent them better than my opponents.”

Derek and his wife will become empty-nesters in the fall.

“I just felt that we are in a new phase of our life. With that extra time that I have to give, I want to give that back to my community.” Derek said.

While Derek came out victorious in his election for Mayor, he said that his family’s introduction into political life was very difficult. “There are pros and cons to your kids being adults” Derek said. “I have three adult children, and they can read. It was hard, especially for my son who is an active-duty Marine, to not defend my honor. I had to remind them that Facebook is just an app and not the whole world. We need to take everything said with a grain of salt.”

Even with the difficulty that came with the election processes, Derek is enjoying every moment.

“I had fun. I’m still having fun. It was difficult, but we survived.”

Derek said that he and his team were never out-worked.

“We had the best ground game, and I had the best volunteer team. That’s why we won.” Derek said. “Nobody really knew who Derek France was.”

Derek and his team knocked on around 2,400 doors and talked to the people of his community about why he would be the best candidate to elect as Mayor.

“We only did one mailer” Derek said.

Derek likes to refer to himself as the ambassador of Flower Mound as opposed to the leader.

“As acting mayor, I now have the ability to help shape the future of our town” Derek said.

Derek would like to focus on bringing in revenue for his community without raising taxes.

“There is a current division in our community. Some people don’t want any construction. It’s hard. We have to create revenue to afford nice things. I don’t want to sit in traffic while trying to get home from work, but I also want to create more opportunities to spend money in my town. I’m hoping to work with the town council on that.” Derek said.

He added, “The town of Flower Mound has such a great story. But anytime you want to do something, you have to leave Flower Mound to do it. We just don’t have many options. I don’t want people to have to go to Southlake or Grapevine to do the things they love. I want people to come to Flower Mound.”

Throughout the election process, Derek said he remained positive. “I remained a leader, and that’s hard. It’s hard to turn the other cheek. But that resonated with the majority of voters. People could relate to me. I’m a relatable guy.” Derek said.

Derek worked the poles all day every day.

“I never left. I had to take time off of work, but I was there talking to people and campaigning any time the poles were open.”

All of the sacrifice and hard work that Derek, his family, and his team put into his campaign proved to be a success with 3,300 people voting him into office.

“I really want to thank the residents of Flower Mound for voting for me and for putting their faith in me.” Derek said, “I will work for our town every day.”

photos courtesy of Derek France & Town of Flower Mound, TX Government social media pages

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