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An emerging actor from our very own Argyle, Slade Monroe’s life transformed when his debut film 12 Mighty Orphans hit the theatres in June. The hard work he put into playing ‘Wheatie’ in the movie ideally paid off as the audience widely appreciates his performance. He has gained popularity overnight and is all set to prepare himself for future projects.

12 Mighty Orphans is the real-life story of parentless young guys during The Great Depression who went on to become national champions with the help of their football coach. The movie is based on Jim Dent’s book ‘12 Mighty Orphans’ that features actors like Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, and Luke Wilson. 12 Mighty Orphans is a powerful message of courage, hard work, and determination.

When Slade watched the Young Frankenstein Musical in Dallas as a kid with the family for the first time, he strongly felt that acting belongs to him.

“It might sound cliche in some sense, but to be a performer is something I always wanted to do because I like to entertain,” Slade said. “What brought me into 12 Mighty is the connectivity I have with other people.”

This Argyle High School graduate attended Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film Studio in Lewisville, where he studied all aspects of movies. He is represented by Kim Dawson Acting Agency in Dallas. To further prepare himself for professional acting, Slade accepted a scholarship to California’s Chapman University, BFA Screen Acting, as an incoming freshman. For Slade, doing justice to on-screen Wheatie was a thrilling experience that came with a set of challenges. However, the passion for acting and the football experience he gained growing up made it a fun ride. Slade played football for seven years before finally picking acting as a career choice.

He is shown on screen alongside veteran actors Luke Wilson and Martin Sheen. Most of the young guys playing Mites, including Slade, were entirely new for shooting sets.

“Seeing Martin Sheen at work, though, that was something else entirely. Seeing these legendary actors work together was a masterclass for a new actor like me,” he shared. “The best part was how welcoming they were for the rest of us on set. They treated us no differently than they treated anyone else. The challenge was keeping up with them.” Monroe attended a football camp for two weeks in Fort Worth to prepare himself for the role. He also watched archive 1930-1940 football films.

Slade is grateful for his family, who always supported and cheered for what he wanted to do. His proud parents went to extreme lengths to provide their son an environment where he could work on his passion and hone his acting skills.

“I love what I do, and I am very thankful for the opportunity I have been given,” Monroe said.

Argyle Living congratulates Slade Monroe for the successful beginning of his acting career and wishes him all the best for many more successes coming his way!

photos courtesy of Slade Monroe’s Instagram

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