Living Together with Guitars

Kurt Conner first picked up a guitar at age ten and never put it down. His love for guitars and expertise to give a creative touch to them is what makes him popular in the town. From serving in the U.S. Navy to leaving a successful 30-year long marketing job and finally spending full time on what he loves, the artistic journey of this Flower Mound aesthete is as inspiring as his artworks.

Kurt’s talent combines his two greatest interests, guitars, and art, to create magnificent customized guitars. “Too many guitars look alike. I’m trying to change that for one person at a time,” he says. 

The artist grew up in Indiana, served four years in the U.S. Navy, and graduated from John Herron School of Art with a BFA in Visual Communications & Photography. “I like to say that I am literally a product of art – for my parents first met at, and graduated from, that very same art school,” he shared.

After 30 years of creating and marketing products for other entities, the musician and songwriter finally chose to listen to his inner voice and do it for himself, three years ago. “My trigger was when I realized how short life is and that I wasn’t doing what made me happy. And that I was not effectively leveraging my true interests, knowledge, and skills to my benefit,” he said.

He formed Conner Guitart, Guitart being a combined term for guitar and art. Conner Guitart is a one-person studio that offers unique, custom, and functional guitar/art solutions.”My goal is to promote the appreciation, creation, and sharing of music through ART with the guitar as a central and consistent theme,” Kurt shared. Guitart is about uniqueness and personalization focused on players, collectors, and anyone who loves guitars and art. “I believe that between the mass producers and the master luthiers lies immense opportunity to create and offer quality guitar/art solutions as unique as you are and the music you create and appreciate,” he added.

The pandemic was also a catalyst driver, as he knew it was a time for reinvention. During the pandemic, he created 12 original guitar directions, honed his business model, and created all the branding, photography, copy, and content for his website “When I decided to make this change, I found that I knew much more than I thought I did. So I objectively combined my knowledge, capabilities, interests, and loves into one collective effort and redirect them in my favor,” he mentioned. “All that I have ever learned and experienced is contributing to this effort/change.”

It usually takes him 3 to 6 months to build a guitar. At any given moment, he has 3 to 6 pieces at different stages of completion. Beyond guitars, Kurt has won awards in creative direction, design, illustration, photography, sculpture, and writing.

Kurt has lived in Flower Mound for over 20 years. He supports other artists, musicians, designers, shares information, experiences, and practices with other artists and organizations in the area. Conner Guitart was recently chosen to show some of the artworks at Flower Mound Town Hall. The exhibition has received great reviews from the public. The work will be displayed through the holidays into January. He aims to promote interest in music, guitars, and art and wants to continue creating guitars as unique as the people who play them. One motto that drives him to move ahead is – “The best thing I’ve ever done will be the next thing I do.” “I’d like to bolster and salute all those, faced with new challenges, who are finding new and effective ways to reinvent themselves,” Kurt added.

Millions of guitars and millions of musicians, Guitart is on a mission to enhance their existence so that you want your guitar upfront and on your wall. You need it on your wall – visible, accessible, ever-present, and something you love to interact with daily – like a grand piano in your living room.

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