Linnybird Bakeshop Takes the Cupcake

Linnybird Bakeshop in Lake Dallas has mastered the ingredients of success. Owner, Lisa Britten, has been an expert in baking since 1997 but says that her love for the art goes as far back as she can remember.

However, Lisa’s baking success has dated back long before Linnybird Bakeshop was born. Prior to opening Linnybird, Lisa owned 4 separate bakery locations, along with owning a food truck. 

But Lisa’s baking wasn’t just famous locally. Lisa went on to win Best Cupcake in Texas in 2011. “It’s an award that is very special to me. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I got to go to our capital building and stand on the State Senate floor as they awarded me the Best Cupcake of Texas,” Lisa said. 

But the road to Lisa’s success wasn’t always smooth sailing. In 2016, Lisa set down the piping bag and stepped away from the bakery to focus more on her children. However, once the pandemic came into effect, things ended up turning around for Lisa. Lisa had been employed as a Director of Catering but was laid off once COVID hit. 

While being forced to stay home due to the shut-down, as well as being without a job, Lisa found that boredom had started to set in. “I swore that I would never touch a cupcake again,” Lisa said. But the boredom she felt led her to pick back up right where she left off. “I started baking unique cupcakes and posting them on Facebook and they were a hit. My friends wanted to start buying them from me and it kind of blew up from there. I was selling 100 dozen cupcakes a week out of my house,” Lisa said.

In August of 2020, Linnybird Bakeshop was born. “The name came from my mom and daughter having the middle name Lynn. My aunt would call them her little Linnybirds.” Lisa said. And from there, Linnybird’s fast-growing success has been undeniable. In a little over a year, Lisa and her bakery baby have outgrown their original location and have now opened a new location. But don’t worry, Linnybird won’t be going far. They will still be in Lake Dallas just off South Stemmons Freeway. 

And with their new location comes new and exciting changes. “We will now be open seven days a week and will be offering an extended menu,” Lisa said. Such items include pies by the slice and extended cookie and cake options. 

Linnybird is still offering their 8-core cupcake flavors; wedding cake, strawberry, chocolate, red velvet, childhood birthday cake, coconut cream, and the awarded Best Cupcake of Texas flavor berry pecan, as well as 4 rotating new flavors every week.

But sweets aren’t the only thing that they offer on their menu. They are serving grab-and-go lunches, as well as adding catering to their repertoire that will include brunch, appetizers, and light menu items. This new catering venture will come in handy as their new location will also be home to an event room. 

The event room will be ready for bookings in February and will hold up to 20 people. “It’s going to be an impactful room. There will be custom tables and arrangements as well as a beautiful flower selfie wall. It will be very esthetically pleasing,” Lisa said. 

However, the event room isn’t the only new addition to Linnybird. “When you walk in the door, you’ll be met with a beautiful 11-foot glass case right in front that swings around to add another 12 feet,” Lisa said. You’ll also be able to sit and enjoy your treats with their indoor and outdoor seating. 

Lisa and her entire staff at Linnybird have gone above and beyond to make this new location shine like a diamond and it’s safe to say that they’ve been successful in that. With their delicious treats and their hearts to serve the community, it’s easy to see how Linnybird Bakeshop holds their elite status in the communities of Denton County.

5006 S. Stemmons Frwy

   Lake Dallas, TX

      940) 497-2727

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