Staying fit and healthy is often viewed as trendy. And although each generation has produced varying approaches to wellness, there is no doubt that a focus on health is a consistent part of our culture. However, staying healthy can become an individual fad when you find yourself one day up and ready for the gym […]


I’m so excited that international travel is finally picking up. We have been very anxious to get back to one of our favorite cities – Rome! This place is absolutely epic and surreal! The Ancient Roman Empire is a journey into the “Eternal City.” It’s one of the few cities in the world that can […]


Welcome To Miami

Looking for a well-deserved getaway? I highly recommend heading to magnificent Miami, Florida! This has been one of the hottest vacation spots in the world

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Fall is finally here! As our North Texas temperatures start to cool, it means it’s time to get your home’s heater ready for winter weather. February’s “Winterpocalypse” really took a toll on many heating systems. We saw that 95% of service calls had issues that could have been avoided with preventive maintenance. Ignoring maintenance of […]

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