Let’s Keep Everyone Safe & Healthy This Winter

Lantana Pediatrics

It is finally getting cold here in North Texas. It’s the perfect weather for those cozy family gatherings. Let’s keep everyone safe and healthy, and let’s start with a reminder about car seat safety. Please remember that children should not be wearing puffy coats and clothing when strapped into their car seats.

Winter wear puts too much space between the car seat restraints and the child’s body. In the event of a collision the fluffy padding with flatten out and free up space that may allow the child to slip right through the restraints and be thrown from their seat.

It’s best to dress the kids in thin snug layers with a warm hat and mittens and avoid putting on those bulky coats until arriving at your destination. Tighten the seat harness as snug as possible. If you can pinch slack on the straps of the harness, then it needs to be tighter. You can then place a blanket or winter coat over the top of the harness straps if necessary.

Give yourself plenty of time to head out the door for cold winter outings. Warm the vehicle up ahead of time and consider storing the carrier portion of the infant seat inside the house where it can stay nice and warm. It’s great to have an emergency vehicle bag with extra blankets, dry clothing, hats, gloves, water, and non-perishable snacks in case of emergency.

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