It’s All Genuine At Family Smiles Dental Group

There’s an authenticity about Jenifer Nichols, DDS, and the way she leads her practice, Family Smiles Dental Group, in Flower Mound. She’s genuinely interested in her patients and their families. She asks if the kids enjoy school, or how they’re handling the latest heat wave. She doesn’t know a stranger. To someone who is not happy about a dental appointment, it sounds more like an invitation to visit over a glass of sweet tea.

Dr. Nichols, who took ownership of the practice five years ago, is a natural-born caregiver. Nurturing is what she does best. Her husband and their two boys, a one-year-old and a three-year old, fit snugly under her wings. There’s also plenty of room for her clinical staff, some of whom were there 20 or 30 years before she bought the practice, along with her patients. That makes Dr. Nichols happy.

“I was always interested in health care as a career,” Dr. Nichols explained. “I was in the Health Science Technology Education (HSTE) program in high school, which lets you ‘shadow’ a health professional during senior year.

“I thought I wanted to go into radiology but there wasn’t an available spot. There was a dental practice open, so I decided to take it. That was a blessing. I like people. I like talking with them, caring for them, and making them part of a family atmosphere. That’s why the word ‘family’ is in our practice name. In retrospect, I would not have been happy as a radiologist in a dark room!”

Even the design of Dr. Nichols’ clinic reinforces the sweet tea atmosphere.

“We have full French doors that open to the grass and trees,” she said. “There are birds and rabbits. It’s great for the patients and for me because it removes any sterile, hospital vibes.

“The HSTE program taught me early on that everyone on the team is critical to success. I know how lucky I was to have almost the entire staff stay after I bought the practice.”

COVID-19 was a challenge, especially in terms of preserving an upbeat morale.

“It also had some positive effects,” Dr. Nichols continued. “People become more attuned to their health needs. Our growing practice added new patients along with an associate dentist and an additional hygienist during this time.

“For me, feeling I’m serving a purpose is necessary for a sense of fulfillment. I’m blessed because I definitely have that in this community.”

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