Is It My Turn For The Mommy Crisis?

Our theme for this month’s issue is family and education, which naturally got me thinking about my kiddos and how Scott and I are almost empty-nesters. Some parents might see that as a good thing, and who knows, maybe we’ll adjust quickly.

But there’s this unshakable feeling in my mommy gut that’s telling me I might not handle it all too well.

Our oldest son Konnor is 23 and already out of the house. Zach just graduated from high school and will be off to college next month. Meanwhile, Courtney is headed off to law school.

That’s three kids … out on their own to spread their wings. All that’s left is our baby girl, Maddie. It won’t be long for her, either. We’re going on a family vacation at the end of July. How complicated will it be after this summer to get all of us in the same place?

Our community magazines, Best of Denton County, and all the other amazing things we do here at Murray Media Group can only keep my mind off the reality that my kids are leaving me for so long. Pretty soon, it’s all going to hit me hard. Will it be some sort of existential crisis? Will I gain a bunch of depression weight?

They say family is never far away. So I know deep down that everything is going to be fine. They’ll always need their momma. And I will always need them. But in the meantime, I’m so proud of the men and women they have become.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone! And be sure to hug your kids tight. I know I am!

Kelly Murray

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