Influencer’s Local Finds – Favorite Passtime

Kelly Murray – Even though there isn’t a lot of downtime in my life, my favorite pass time when I get the chance is to settle down in my comfortable bed and read a good book. Even in my busiest times, you’ll always find me with an audiobook in my ear!


Kelly Heslep – One of my favorite pass times is always gardening. I love getting out on a gorgeous day in my comfortable overalls and planting something beautiful. And it’s even better when I get to enjoy it with my granddaughter, Olive! 


Lori Walker – I can never get enough retail therapy in my life! Shopping is and will always be my favorite pass time. There’s nothing better for my mental health than strolling around my favorite store to find the item that will make me feel my most beautiful self.


Cindi Howard – I’ve always enjoyed boutique shopping. Every time I go I find something special and perfect just for me – or my girls! I’m so happy that both of my daughters have developed a love for my favorite pass time as well. It makes for the best girl’s day!


Kathy Hodges – My favorite pass time would be spending time with my family and friends. Whether it be going out to dinner or just sitting outside visiting and listening to music… summertime by the pool or winter by the fire. Nothing can beat that in my book!


Lori Fickling – My favorite pass time ever is spending time with my grandkids. I always look forward to our annual trip to Galveston to enjoy the beach. We’ve been able to make the best memories. Nothing makes my heart happier than spending quality time with those babies. 


Rachel Bagley – I’ve always loved going to the movies so that has to be my favorite pass time. It doesn’t matter if it’s date night with my husband, Travis, or if it’s a friend date to watch the newest film. I can’t wait to get to bring my daughter, Collins, to her first movie so that she can experience the joy of a theater. 


Tracee Elrod – My favorite pass time is cooking! Whether it’s still dark and early in the morning to an afternoon snack, to a fancy dinner at home, cooking relaxes me. Saturday mornings are my favorite for pouring a hot cup of Nespresso and making a Goat Cheese Spinach Quiche. 


Stacy Schriever – You’ll always find me planning my next adventure with my sweet daughter. It’s my favorite pass time. I have a whole bucket list and I love being able to check things off the list. And getting to experience all of it with my girl is the best feeling!


Ginger Eads – My favorite pass time would be riding with my daughter, Caroline in our convertible car with the top down, blaring our music. We do it all the time! I love getting to spend quality time with my girl while also having a blast doing it!

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