How to Style Your Entry Console Table

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As a home buyer enters your home, that all-important first impression of your home is created from the moment they step foot into your entryway. The use of a console table is a key ingredient in setting a welcoming tone. Each home has its own vibe. However, there are a couple of design techniques we frequently incorporate to bring elegance, balance, and energy to an entryway.

Styling a console table correctly adds beauty, warmth, practicality, and, most importantly, does not distract the potential home buyer. A well-styled console table invites them to continue into the home, set down their keys, and feel at ease. Your entry should say, “Welcome. Take a look around and see yourself in this home!”

Following are a few of our key styling tips when addressing your console table:

Styling Tip #1 ~ Balance the Visual Weight at Bottom

When using an open console table, it is important to add visual weight to ground the space. Texture is a great way to do this — large baskets or decorative bins are a good choice. They offer visual interest and texture as well as a place to store shoes.

Two square matching storage ottomans are another good option to add weight to your design. They provide clean lines and more storage.

If your table has a lower shelf, try adding a uniquely shaped vase or a stack of large monochromatic-colored coffee table books. As a general rule, the items you add to the bottom shelf of the table or below the table should have enough height to fill most of the space. The top of the item and the console table should only have a little space between them.

Styling Tip #2 ~ Add Height Above the Table

You have a couple of ways to accomplish this task. You can hang a beautiful oversized piece of art 6-8 inches above the top of the console table, or you can place an art grouping on the table leaning against the wall. Our favorite way to add height and help potential home buyers see themselves in your home is to add an elegant mirror above the console. All these options help bring a look together and create a nice focal point to balance the overall design.

Styling Tip #3 ~ Include Visually Pleasing Accessories

Start by adding larger pieces initially. This could be a lamp, a layer of artwork, or a large vase. Then take a few steps back and evaluate your design. Does it feel balanced and cohesive? If it feels awkward, try adding a few pieces similar in size to each end of the table (i.e., a lamp at one end and a vase of the same dimension on the opposite end).

Styling Tip #4 ~ Finish with the Details

Once you have your larger accessories placed, you can add the smaller details. The options are endless! My go-to is greenery which adds warmth and life to a space. Additionally, a smaller three dimension decor piece or candle adds interest. Pro Tip: Avoid using items that are smaller than a grapefruit – it will feel cluttered and disappear in your real estate photos.

Happy Staging!! For assistance in prepping your home for sale, POSH HS&R can help you pull together a look that says, “Welcome Home!”

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