This summer has been pretty good to us so far. But just because we’ve enjoyed moderate temperatures, don’t get too comfortable. After all, it is Texas, and we could get that heat wave at ANY TIME.

It’s been a strange year to say the least. But as summer vacations come and go, it can be a great time to get the ball rolling on that outdoor space or landscaping project before the fall rush hits. As you do remember to protect yourself by keeping an eye out for quality, ensure the estimates you are entertaining are going to be able to deliver on what’s promised and not drag you through a long list of change orders and weeks of frustration! As we all know, any projects success isn’t viewed by the price but more importantly by the experience, outcome, and follow up.

We ALWAYS preach to look through the lowest price and into the company behind it. We say it every year, but it still amazes me how many patio and the landscape companies that pop-up here in our area early spring looking to make a fortune but are gone by winter.

As a contractor, it’s our job to establish ourselves in the community, build a solid reference list, and give you a level of comfort moving forward with anything we do. Make us work for it. Look through the initial pricing and into the company behind it. Go through the details in comparison to the finish product you’re being promised, check references, look at some jobs, and speak to your neighbors. Anyone can show you a bunch of pictures and say they built it, but a reputable contractor will have no problem bringing you into their location or taking you by a couple of active projects and or completed jobs to give you a real-time view of their work and how it comes together. Make sure your contractor has an anchor in the community or gives back in someway. The only way to make our community better is to SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE GIVING BACK TO IT!

Just remember when organizing your next project don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ve paid less and then left hoping for more…

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