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The Northern Texas Facial and Oral Surgery (NTFOS) team had a busy week to kick off the summer months. Dr. Michael Pace anticipated a routine end to another rewarding workday, and the team started to wind down for the day in preparation to enjoy their weekend. The last patient arrived and it only took a few seconds to realize that she was concerned and in pain from a fall early that morning.

“She was referred to our office after her fall. To some this may not seem like a major injury, but when it effects how someone smiles and if you are having pain in your mouth something needs to be done quickly,” Dr. Pace said. “When we started the day we weren’t planning to see a patient that late in the afternoon, but we couldn’t let her leave in pain and worrying about her smile. Bottom line, we had to take care of this patient and were happy to stay and help.”

This is just one example of the exemplary care that patients receive at Northern Texas Facial and Oral Surgery in Flower Mound.

“Our focus is to make sure that each and every patient receives safe and comprehensive care in our practice,” Dr. Pace said. “Our team is well versed
in making sure that each patient experience is exceptional.”

Dr. Pace’s journey to oral surgery started at a very young age.

“My grandfather was a general dentist and I admired his profession, work ethic, and accomplishments,” he said. Dr. Pace attended dental school at UCLA. During dental school he found that oral surgery was his passion and went on to earn his medical degree from Loma Linda University. He completed oral and maxillofacial surgical residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California and received extensive training in dental and implant surgery, wisdom teeth removal, anesthesia, orthognathic surgery, facial trauma management, and head and neck pathology.

“The profession I have chosen is a dream come true. I have the opportunity to work with talented dentists, orthodontists, and physicians on a daily basis,” Dr. Pace said. “Working hand in hand as a team to provide superb outcomes for our patients is our ultimate goal.”

The office provides advanced technology to help ensure the patient’s comfort and an overall great experience. These technologies include a 3D cone beam CT Scan, the Carestream 3700 intraoral scanner, and the NOMAD portable radiography system. They also utilize regenerative medicine techniques such as platelet rich fibrin (PRF) that encourages tissue regeneration and facilitates faster healing after bone grafting, dental implant placement, and tooth extractions.

“To be able to utilize the newest and available diagnostic tools to assist in providing the best results for our patients is what we strive for,” Dr. Pace said. “The patients leave confident, safe, and comfortable knowing that we offer the best treatment options available.”

If Northern Texas Facial and Oral Surgery sounds familiar, there’s a good reason for that. The practice has been serving the dental and surgical needs of North Texas residents for decades and has three other locations in Grapevine, Keller, and Irving.

“It’s a team of doctors,” Dr. Pace said. “I have weekly meetings with the doctors at our other locations where we discuss cases, and they also give opinions on the treatment planning.”

Dr. Pace enjoys heading up the location in Flower Mound and the opportunity to serve patients in the surrounding areas of Highland Village, Lantana, Argyle, Lewisville, Justin, Northlake, and Corinth.

“We tell all dentists that if a patient is hurting, send them right over. Most times, we are able to see and treat patients that same day,” Dr. Pace said.

He added, “To be able to serve this large community with phenomenal patient care and positive experiences is an honor.”

972.961.7595 | ntfos.com | 4130 Justin Rd., Ste. 105 Flower Mound, TX 75077

photo by Your Candid Memories (YourCandidMemories.com)

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