Helping Your Inner Beauty Shine Through

No doubt, people these days are more and more self-conscious about their appearance. They want to look healthy and glowing at every age. Feeling this way is definitely not a crime! For the last five plus years, The Med Spa of Flower Mound has become one such go-to place for men and women looking for a treatment that will bring out their natural beauty. Hence, living a life full of self-confidence and motivation.

For owners Margaret and Phil, there’s nothing more rewarding than making a difference in people’s lives.

“The best thing about being in this industry is to have shared the joy of seeing someone’s beauty enhanced,” The owners said. “We stay within our scope; the conservative approach that we implement here is what makes us unique and special.”

The owners aren’t alone in that belief. For everyone who works at The Med Spa of Flower Mound, seeing customers achieve their desired results is the only thing that matters.

“Recently, I had a young lady with acne problems come to me. When I said to her that I am not accepting new clients due to my schedule, her mother begged for an exception… then I started her treatment,” said Jennifer Buck, who is the director at the spa. “A few weeks later, the girl came to me and said how confident she felt when her skin looked so much better.”

This is the kind of story The Med Spa of Flower Mound has created all these years. Jennifer has 20 years of medical experience, and she is determined to provide their clients with the best treatments possible, both medically and personally. Their clients are often being asked by their friends, “What are you doing to look so young?” Over the years, the reputation of The Med Spa of Flower Mound has spread by word of mouth.

“Groups of friends and family, coworkers, and neighbors have decided to make The Med Spa of Flower Mound their home for aesthetic procedures,” said Kara Eveleth RN/BSN, an Advanced Injector and staff member. “It has been exciting to see people bring and refer their loved ones to our facility where trust is so important.”

The team of 10 highly experienced providers makes sure they take the time to get to know each client personally and formulate a customized treatment plan so they are able to achieve their desired results. They become “like family” to their clients, which is one of the achievements they’ve gained throughout the journey.

“We are blessed to have staff that cares for each client as an individual. They listen to clients’ concerns. They care so much. They want to do the best for each client” Jennifer said of her team. “We will not do any treatment just for the money.”

The spa also has clients coming from Oklahoma, New Mexico, California and beyond for beauty treatments. So it’s clear that word is traveling fast.

The spa had to close its doors due to the pandemic last year for about six weeks; however, they paid all their staff. The team utilized that time for education; they all were learning new tools and techniques.

“We also did Zoom skin education sessions for clients to educate them about skincare, and we also delivered products to their home to ensure they could continue their regiment” Phil said.

With the motto of helping “You grow old gracefully”, the spa is running successfully on community trust. Their business is growing by leaps and bounds even in the pandemic.

“We are busier now than ever before,” says Renee Macneil, a medical assistant and certified senior laser technician. Renee was a high school teacher for 13 years and has been associated with the med spa for the 3+ years.

“I love calling the med spa my mid-life crisis career,” she said. “I cannot picture myself doing anything else. I especially enjoy building a rapport with my clients. It is important to me that they feel comfortable and that they leave here feeling their best. I take pride and pleasure in ensuring that my clients are well taken care of. They truly become like friends.”

Margaret and Phil are proud to have well-educated, hard-working, personable, and a trustworthy staff who have a knack for paying attention to details. The team starts their day with music and a quick dance session… and that’s how they keep their spa full of positive vibes.

The company also believes in giving back to the community. The Med Spa is a proud supporter of the Flower Mound Police Department. It also helps underprivileged children. Amidst the pandemic, the spa also provided a few nominated frontline workers with complete makeovers free of charge.

Margaret and Phil said. “We are proud business owners and are proud to be located in this community, “The best thing about this community is in the way the entire community joins together for each other.”

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photography by Miranda Longoria Photography

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