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The Results Center

Why do many of the world’s top achievers fly from all over the globe to visit the iconic Think Tank at Tony Jeary’s Results Center?

28 years ago, Tony received a call from his mother n law who said, “I have the place for you and Tammy. It’s called Tour 18, and this place spends the money on flowers and beauty – just what you like.”

Instantly, Tony and Tammy snatched up the largest lot in the development. Three years later, they moved into what their kids call “Our Forever Home”, where, for the next 20 years, their wonderful girls grew up, and Tony worked from a private studio on the back of the estate.

After our eldest daughter married in our backyard with almost 400 guests and our younger daughter was at Baylor, we knew it was time for a change. They had become adults, and we were ready to downsize.  We heard about the tower on the shores of Lake Grapevine, now known as Lakeside DFW, and purchased a condo that became the dream home of our next chapter.

During the long construction period, Tony reached Jimmy Archie and requested some raw land to build his dream office on. Tony reached out to a long-time friend, Jack Furst, who he bonded with over their launch of Cross Timbers Church 20 years earlier. Jack and his wife, Deb, were also moving into the tower and partnered to construct a building nearby – which is now known as the RESULTS Center.

At the RESULTS Center, Jack manages his family office, and Tony leads his Results team with his protégé, Daniel Marold, to energize top performers to the next level of results.

BTW… who is this Tony Jeary – The RESULTS Guy™?

To net it out, he’s a strategist who facilitates change, starting with thinking, and he inspires people to reach the next level. He’s a coach and a sought-after keynoter, he sits on boards, occasionally invests, and selectively hunkers down and partners with other business leaders.

40 years ago, Tony Jeary got a call from a man who offered to pay $5 grand in exchange for 4 hours with Tony. Tony asked why, and the man said, “You know how to make money. I want to pay you to show me what you know, so I can get there quicker.” That one event changed Tony’s life forever. To this day, Tony does his best to provide that experience to others. Several times a week, he and his team hosts one-day, strategic planning experiences that change lives forever by helping clients and partners take their visions to reality in compressed time frames.

What does it really mean to “energize top performers” to the next level? Why do people fly from around the world to have called a “life-changing day” in this RESULTS Center?

Through his 75+ books, podcasts, videos, courses, and his 30,000 Rolodex, Tony Jeary International attracts millionaires  – and in some cases, billionaires, who are what they call the “super top performers” – to bring in their teams for The Results Guy™ experience. In just a single day, they will learn things that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Here’s what happens in brief. Tony’s team invests weeks in prep researching their client’s business models, products and services, and their competitors. They study, interview, line up contacts and uniquely prepare. On the day of the session, the RESULTS1 Sprinter picks up the group and begins the on-site experience. It’s a white-glove treatment at every turn. They arrive with a giant welcome walking by the “floor of fame” , where they see brand names like Walmart, Ford, TGI Fridays, Samsung, American Airlines, NY Life, Firestone, and dozens of other engraved names of Fortune 500 presidents that have flown to Flower Mound to be energized by this experience.  They invest the day in a special facilitated session that leverages the secret source of the methodology of clarity, focus, and execution that is the dead center of Tony’s signature book RESULTS Faster!

(what every top achiever wants). They walk away with life-altering Ahas and epiphanies, more clarity for their vision, and an action plan to focus on so they can better execute. The day is jam-packed with a mix of serious work, fun activities, and inspiration. This is why people continue to fly to the RESULTS Center Flower Mound.

First, they do live note-taking on an AV screen, so, instead of taking two or three days, the session is expedited into one. Secondly, Tony has strategically amassed what may be the world’s largest collection of corporate and personal Best Practices across industries. Thirdly, his personal library of books and courses are given to participants so they can walk away with the knowledge and materials they need in order to share with their inner circles and teams.

But who is part of Tony’s inner circle?

Daniel Marold, Tony’s partner, protégé, and publisher, joined RESULTS Center some four years back. He helped oversee the construction for Jack and Tony. Daniel is a resident of Flower Mound for over 30 years, he is Tony’s COO, Co-Author of Vibe, and secret weapon for bolstering a client or partner’s culture, and heads up their publishing arm, and building momentum toward what achievers want.

Another partner of TJI’s is Murray Media Group, founded by Scott and Kelly Murray. Their partnership was formed over a year ago to expand Murray Media’s successful track record of custom community magazines. They are attracting superchargers who desire to partner and build out their own city publication. Their partnership includes Tony and Kelly teaming up on a new book releasing in 2023 that will further showcase their best practices on their marketing services and custom publications. In 2022 they released RESULTS, an annual magazine targeted at the high net worth, and they are about to launch “Bark” a new Canadian magazine, sponsored by Dogtopia, in which Tony was an early investor, that is wowing the pet franchise industry all over North America.

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