Hebron Family Dental Focuses On Patient Care

Hebron Family Dental could take a page from the hundreds of other dental practices in the area and model the same approach with their patients. Perhaps most of the patients would have all their needs met and leave happy and satisfied. But then again, maybe they wouldn’t. That’s why the team at Hebron Family Dental is blazing their own path and, in doing so, has changed the way people think — and smile — about their trip to the dentist.

“I believe in performing dentistry in the gentlest way possible,” Dr. Rita Kengskool said. “It should be comfortable, and it doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. It is rewarding when patients thank me for creating a beautiful smile they can be proud of. I believe in developing long-term relationships, and I strive for every dental visit to be a pleasant one.”

For the team, that’s the easy part. While they have a growing team of hygienists and front office staff, they have prided themselves on visiting with and being hands-on with every patient who has walked in the door. Having that consistency and a dentist who knows your unique needs isn’t always the case at other dental practices. Many dentists rotate between patient rooms, or there may be just one doctor who is simply too busy to see everyone. There is a high turnover rate in some facilities, which ultimately keeps patients in the dark and limits relationship-building. You get the complete opposite with Hebron Family Dental. Their team lives in the area and is committed to being a part of the Carrollton community.

“I can tell you that the staff wants to be the driving force when it comes to the patient experience,” said Samantha Morrow, the marketing director for Hebron Family Dental. “They make the time for everyone’s unique needs, and that matters to our patients.”

When we caught up with the staff, it was easy to see all the reasons why Hebron Family Dental is revolutionizing what it means to have a hometown dental practice at your fingertips. Not only is everyone super friendly, but the services and technology they have make it so that they can handle practically any dental need without having to refer patients to another provider. Yes, they do the standard exams, cleanings, and oral hygiene checks, but they also handle everything from cosmetic dentistry (Invisalign, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, and veneers) to restorative dentistry (implants, root canals, dentures, wisdom teeth extractions, and fillings).

“Many of these procedures can be complicated to refer out,” Morrow said. “We want our patients to come to us for it all.”

Hebron Family Dental does a wonderful job educating its patients about why these procedures are worth their attention. Take Invisalign for example. Who wants to deal with having uncomfortable metal braces in their mouth? At Hebron Family Dental, Invisalign is used to create a beautiful, straight smile without the nuisance of braces. In addition to this, having your wisdom teeth removed is very important, but many people put it off. The team at Hebron Family Dental makes sure this is not an issue, as they want their patients to feel proud of their smile and confident in their dental decisions.

It is easy to see why Hebron Family Dental is a place for everyone, no matter what their needs may be. People tend to overlook their oral health for reasons ranging from lack of knowledge about its importance to anxiety surrounding going to the dentist. At Hebron Family Dental, these reservations and more will be replaced with a newfound excitement about keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful.

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