Healthy Rowing Into the New Year

Row House

Row House Flower Mound members have shown their love for the fitness studio during its first year of operation. Not only is it the only fitness facility of any kind in Flower Mound with a 5-star rating and over 100 Google reviews, but the members are hitting other tremendous milestones, as well.

Several members — most of who’d never rowed previously — recently hit the one-million-meter mark in just one year. A few have even reached two million meters or roughly 1,243 miles.

Owners Jamie and Ryan Kimberling marvel at the accomplishments their members have achieved.

“It’s a commitment that takes the average person about a year to achieve, and it’s a neat thing to watch,” Jamie said. “They bring their family and friends; we break out the confetti poppers, and we all make a big deal out of it. We watch them achieve a big goal like that, and you remember back to when they were just learning to row.”

Ryan agreed, adding, “This isn’t a gym. It’s a community and lifestyle. We want nothing more than to help everyone reach their health goals.”

Row House’s popularity is skyrocketing, as over 250 franchise locations are slated to open throughout the United States. Set up much like a spin studio — replace the stationary bikes with rowing machines — Row House offers a full-body, sustainable, low-impact, FUN group fitness workout that people can enjoy without feeling run down. Each workout engages over 86% of your body’s muscles to deliver the perfect balance of aerobic endurance and muscular strength training.
And it’s not just rowing! The classes incorporate weight training and dynamic stretching for plenty of variety.

More importantly, Row House fosters an inclusive atmosphere. Regardless of your fitness level, you’re guaranteed a workout that builds muscle, burns calories, and helps you look and feel your absolute best.

“Many people see [the rower] for the first time and are intimidated, but it’s absolutely something sustainable that just about anyone can do,” Ryan said. “Our extraordinary coaches will set you up for success. You don’t have to be fit to get fit at Row House.”

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