Health And Beauty From The Inside Out

It isn’t enough to look great if you don’t feel great, too. Head-to-toe makeovers only address your outer self. Where can you go to revitalize how you look and feel? The answer is right in Highland Village!

Since their doors first opened in October of 2018, Studio 360 Med Spa has been committed to achieving life-changing transformations in both outer beauty and inner wellness. Their comprehensive 360-degree approach is second to none. With the talented team’s expert care and guidance, you not only look better, you feel better.

Inside Studio 360, the atmosphere is alive with good energy and positivity. Every staff member is friendly and welcoming. “Ours is an upbeat, family-like environment,” Spa Director Ryndi Hodge said. “Our team of providers and staff are so supportive of each other, and we are like a happy family. Studio 360’s owner Donna Phillips once told me, ‘When you make everyone around you successful, you are successful by default.’ I try to implement that every day. Our family extends to our patients, as well. We know most of them by name, and they see how much we care.”

Patients and staff alike have fun in Studio 360. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a serious, bona fide medical spa. Theirs is hardly a cold, hospital-like facility, though they offer a substantial and wide-ranging selection of services for both women and men of all ages that you won’t find anywhere else.

“Our treatments are medical-based, so all procedures are supervised by a medical doctor,” Ryndi said. “On staff, we have a registered nurse, advanced practice nurse, estheticians, laser techs, and a medical director. Also, in terms of sanitation and procedures, we fully comply with the regulations of a medical facility, and all of our products are pharmaceutical grade.”

If all that doesn’t put the “medical” in med spa, what does?

Offerings on their generous menu include PRF, or Platelet Rich Fibrin, which stimulates blood flow and healthy tissue growth for brightening, renewing vitality, and new healthy skin. Additionally, they offer stem cell treatments, customized IV Therapies, CoolSculpting, Hydrafacial, Halo, Skin Pen, BBL, and much more. NP Princess Holt specializes in weight loss management.

“For patients wanting to lose weight, we talk with them about their lifestyle to determine why, for example, they’re unable to lose that weight. Then we test for hormonal deficiencies,” Ryndi explained. “Princess is very meticulous, and genuinely cares for each patient. She makes sure the plan she devises is customized for each patient’s needs.”

This team of professionals also treats sexual health in both men and women. “We make sure our patients feel at ease to discuss their issues,”  Ryndi stated. Studio 360 offers female vaginal tightening, O-Shot and P-Shot. Our Nurse Michelle Shepard is certified and trained by Dr. Charles Runnels, the creator of O and P Shot, so she is at the forefront to continually receive new and updated information! BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy produces rejuvenating results in both men and women. It’s considered the icing on the cake to any of the other treatments a patient chooses. Studio 360 Med Spa treats the full 360 spectrum.

“We don’t have one-and-done treatments,” Ryndi emphasized. “Our patients are on a treatment plan, and we walk through their treatments with them, step-by-step. Every patient is different, therefore, all treatments are customized for your special needs.”

Their loyal patients trust that the staff won’t guide them in a direction that isn’t best for them.

Ryndi herself is a certified laser tech and permanent makeup artist. As spa director, she supports staff and patients alike, keeps medical supplies in stock, cultivates education and training, and sees to it that everyone has what they need.

“Other than a nurse or doctor, I’ve worked every job in the spa. This helps me to understand what each staff member is experiencing so I can better help them,” Ryndi concluded.

The staff regularly participates in continuing education so they are aware of the latest items on the market. Additional training also precedes any new procedure or product added to the spa. And talking with product representatives gives everyone a deeper understanding of how the products work and what new items might be debuting in the future.

Studio 360 began expanding its services and product lines soon after opening.

“Our boutique opened six to nine months after we first opened,” Ryndi mentioned. “Headed by Kathy Hodges, we carry fashionable items that are fun, unique, and new. We have something for everyone, such as casual dresses, tops, shorts, jewelry and accessories, plus great gift items such as Capri Blue candles.”

Their family is growing, too.

“We have a new front office person, and we’ve created a new position of patient coordinator to make sure our patients are taken care of with the highest level of service,” Ryndi announced with great enthusiasm.

The philosophy at Studio 360 is to achieve and maintain health and beauty from the inside out. “It changes peoples’ lives,” Ryndi strongly affirmed. “It’s so gratifying when we contribute to boosting our patients’ confidence in the way they feel and the way they look. It makes our day when our patients are happy.”

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