Have You Considered Turf?

Dead grass & mud constantly tracked throughout your house like it is mine?

If so you’ve probably started to weigh out options by now, as you do remember those areas that never grow good grass due to shade, high traffic, or poor drainage. Year after year you patch things up but never really find a lasting solution, it’s time to consider turf.

Introducing a synthetic turf to the backyard, side yard, or front not only can address each of these issues but it will leave you with a clean, year-round usable solution that oftentimes not only enhances the aesthetics but offers a great functional option for your kids as well as pets.

When weighing out costs of synthetic versus natural grass options Turf will usually pay for itself within the first 3-4 years. Eliminating maintenance costs, mowings, fertilization, watering, etc. with a 15-year life expectancy on average and an Antimicrobial option that’s more important now than ever it should definitely be a part of the conversation.

There are several options when it comes to color, density, pliability & flow ratings. Each of these options should be assessed with a professional as part of the discussion when it comes to the different challenges your property presents. The higher the flow rating the faster water will pass through the materials drying up your surface areas, the base system underneath also plays a huge role in the overall look and again how fast things dry out.

We’ve had clients spend thousands annually manipulating drainage systems, cultivating soil‘s and installing pallet of sod after pallet of sod, as you’re taking a look at improvements attempting to address your property challenges this year consider turf it might surprise you.

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