Going the Extra Mile for You and Your Smile

Getting most people to go to the neighborhood dentist is like pulling teeth, but Dr. Travis Campbell recalls always looking forward to going to the dentist as a child because his dentist made it a fun experience. As a result, following the same career path seemed like a no-brainer. He loves being a dentist!

 But he knows full well that many others have had difficult or even traumatic experiences with dental offices.  

“My dad was probably one of the worst dental-phobic people out there because of experiences he had as a child,” Dr. Campbell said. “And my dad’s fear is always top of mind when I work with other anxious patients, as well as when I design all aspects of our dental office. Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable. We take particular care to make every patient’s dental experience a positive one!”  

 Today, Dr. Campbell is the proud owner of 380 Family Dentistry in Prosper. Living by the motto that the patient is the most important person in the room, he and his team have created a safe and comfortable atmosphere where nearly every dental need can be handled under one roof. Their trained staff genuinely cares about your smile, and their services include everything from dental exams and fillings to Invisalign braces, root canals, implants, full-mouth reconstructions, sedation, and everything in between.

 Their approach is to listen first, educate and answer questions thoroughly, and only then offer and proceed with top quality, caring treatment. Dr. Campbell is surrounded by a team of exceptional dentists, hygienists, assistants, and office professionals — many of whom have been with the practice since it first opened back in 2009.

 “It really is a whole team effort,” Dr. Campbell said. “The majority of the reasons why people come to us is because they see our reviews online and realize that not only is Dr. Campbell a great dentist, but the whole team is terrific, too.”

 He added, “We get to the heart of the problem, understand the patient, and make them comfortable. And we have fun.”

 Dr. Campbell knew he wanted to start a practice in Prosper long before he graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry. As the community has continued to flourish, so has 380 Dentistry’s reputation as a standard-bearer in family dentistry.

 To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit 380dental.com or call 972-534-5255.

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