Nick Ralston exemplifies the young man most mothers want for their daughters. The Argyle High School alumnus is both an athlete and a scholar, handsome but humble, and devout in his faith. The icing on the cake is that he’s very close to his proud parents, and a good brother to his sister Madison. But don’t phone your daughters just yet. Right now, Nick is married to football.

No stranger to the limelight since his football-playing days as an Eagle at Argyle High School, Nick has appeared in local newspapers and on the internet countless times.

“Football has been my avenue for self-expression,” Nick said.

Since May, however, Nick has become newsworthy throughout the entire state – and even nationally – by signing with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent. He’ll be practicing with the Cowboys’ running back group and also training to learn the tight end position. It seems that Nick’s versatility hasn’t gone unnoticed.

To list in detail all of Nick’s football accolades on paper would kill a few trees. Instead, we’ll recount some highlights and save a forest.

Beginning with his high school years at Argyle from 2011-2014, Nick is regarded as one of the most dominant players in the school’s history. Nick played in three state championship games and led the Eagles to the 2013 Class 3A Division II State Championship. He scored 100 touchdowns throughout his four years at Argyle and became Texas’ 4A Player of the Year in 2014. A testament to his character, Nick was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And all of this happened while maintaining
academic excellence.

“The Argyle community was so supportive,” Nick affirmed. “They’ve built a culture of champions, in both sports and education.”

After high school, Nick attended Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College for the academically outstanding and earned the distinction of being a two-time winner of the prestigious (Pat) Tillman Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. He earned both a BA in Business Communications and a BS in Finance. A versatile performer on the football field, Nick began as a linebacker with the Sun Devils, then played fullback. Nick finished his collegiate career in Louisiana, playing tight end for the Ragin’ Cajuns and earning his MBA in finance. The Ralstons always have been involved in sports, and they are Nick’s strongest supporters.

“Even as a child, Nick always has had discipline and drive, with the determination – and heart – that puts him ahead of everyone else,” his mother, Haley, said. “Yet he is very humble.” Nick agreed that he has great parents. “My parents have given me incredible support. My father never wavered in his faith that I could achieve anything, and he’s one of the reasons that I’ve continued down this difficult road.” Throughout his life, Nick’s faith has remained strong. Being grounded in God and Christ has given him such clarity, even during dark periods.

“The past 16 months have been a crazy journey for me with COVID-19 and some things happening in my personal life,” Nick said. “But throughout my life there have been ‘God moments.’ I’ve seen God’s grace and have experienced signs from Him that I’m on the right track.”  Now he’s about to embark on another journey with his beloved game of football.  “Coming back home to Texas is so great,” he said with a smile.

Fueled by the desire to maximize the potential that God has given him, Nick works out six days a week for 3-6 hours each time. “For others, their life’s purpose might be business, parenthood, or something else. For me, my purpose is football.” Evidence of Nick’s impressive physical strength can be seen on his Twitter page video of him pulling a pickup truck with a rope (and a prayer).  Nick wanted to say to kids – especially those in his hometown community of Argyle – to “Have faith and persevere. Work with God and He’ll do the heavy work. Those traits will bring you success.”

A career in real estate development might be the next challenging career path Nick chooses to follow someday, but only after retiring from football. For now, he’s off to the Dallas Cowboys training camp at the end of July.

“This article shouldn’t be about me. It should be about God, and how He’s using me to be an example.”

family photo courtesy of Ralston Family, Louisiana State photo courtesy of Kevin Foote of The Advocate, practice & game photo courtesy of Louisiana Football, tunnel photo courtesy of The Talon News

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