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You may be asking yourself, “What does Hilltop Storage in Northlake, TX have to do with food?” Surprisingly, a whole lot and we can’t wait to tell you how! As we all know, the Argyle/Northlake area West of 35W is growing quickly with neighborhoods popping up like Harvest and Pecan Square. And right in the middle of them are long-time residents and local celebrities, The Arnold Family, who have become well-known in the area over the last 50 years for their contributions and success in the BBQ world. You have probably heard the name of legendary Pitmaster Trace Arnold (aka “The Rib Whisperer”), who has owned BBQ restaurants here in DFW and who now operates out of his 80-foot Ultimate Smoker & Grill (which you can see parked in front of Hilltop Storage on any given day).

The Arnold family has taken that entrepreneurial spirit and has decided to find a creative way to connect all of their new neighbors with some of the best food found here in Dallas-Fort Worth, through hosting food trucks, pop-ups, and restaurateurs out of their ghost kitchen.

On weekends, you can find food trucks in their parking lot including local favorites like El Mofo Loco (a Caribbean-themed truck run by Chef Ralph Santiago) and Hurtado Barbecue, which is a BBQ spot out of Arlington putting a Tex-Mex twist on barbecue.

And in their ghost kitchen, you can order sushi for pick-up or delivery (within a small radius of Hilltop) from Sushi Dojo. JLR Catering, which specializes in BBQ and Tex-Mex options, also operates out of the ghost kitchen, so be sure to look them up next time you need food for an event.

But wait, there’s more! Hilltop has also hosted a few pop-ups like Broke Burger which makes Wagyu Oklahoma smash burgers that sold out in just 90 minutes. And if you’re craving any kind of sweets, you’ve got to visit Lantana resident, Kay Thibodeaux of The Touring Chocolatier, who is there full-time and creates gourmet chocolate and treats you can purchase and who hosts amazing classes and tasting events as well.

What’s most exciting to us is that this is all just the beginning. Hilltop has so many other great plans up their sleeve to connect the residents of Argyle/Northlake/Justin with great food – including building a pavilion and seating area, getting some live music out there, adding several more food trucks to their lineup, and providing more family fun with lawn games, bounce houses, etc.

We recommend you follow Hilltop Storage on Facebook so you can keep up-to-date with who’s out there on the weekends and during the week and everything that’s coming next!

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