Ensuring the Communities’ Best Dental Health

Hebron Family Dentistry

Studies show more than a third of Americans skip their annual dental visits!

It’s no surprise that dental health is often not a high priority for many people! Hebron Family Dentistry wants to ensure you are not one of those. You ask why? Oral health is a key indicator of overall physical health as it is linked to diabetes, stroke, heart disease, etc.

“Many people believe cavities are found through experiencing intense pain. This isn’t always true; you can have a cavity and not know it, said Dr. Andrea Canales, who is trained to discover oral health problems early in their development.

“If you visit us regularly, painless cavities will be caught and fixed before they worsen, resulting in more prolonged, pricy treatment.”

Last year, approximately 23% of patients visited Hebron Family Dentistry for dental cleaning. The clinic expects more and more people in the community to be aware of the importance of regular dental cleaning to keep themselves safe from oral infections, gum disease, etc.

“Some advanced electric toothbrushes are out there, but even using one every time you brush will not help remove the toughest plaque from your teeth. Specific surfaces of your teeth are much more challenging to reach and clean, even if you keep up with flossing,” Dr. Canales mentioned. “Your hygienist can use special tools to thoroughly clean these areas, which will prevent dental disease!”

Hebron Dental provides services to Carrollton and the communities around it. Restorative treatment options, such as fillings, crowns, and root canals, are the most widely-booked treatment options at the clinic, accounting for over one-third of the appointments in 2022. Invisalign is also one of the popular services Hebron Dental offers.

We asked Dr. Canales about the common myths and misconceptions about dental hygiene and health. Many people do not floss their teeth daily because they think they don’t have to. “Only about 20% of plaque is successfully removed when you brush your teeth, so flossing is integral,” she clarified. Also, there’s a notion that sugar is the leading cause of cavities. While consuming too much sugar will heighten your chance of developing cavities, it is not the sugar that causes them but the bacteria that eat it. Brushing your teeth after sugary meals will aid in the prevention of this type of bacteria.

For many years, Hebron Dental has been popular among communities for its family-friendly practice. “We love making the dental experience fun for every patient who walks through our doors! For this reason, we regularly offer discounts and giveaways, ranging from booking-focused to referral-focused,” Dr. Canales said.

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