Embracing Change By Being Organized

It’s inevitable; Life is constantly changing. Each stage of life brings new adventures along with the occasional challenge. How organized and prepared you are for those challenges could have a huge impact on how well you embrace the change.

Learning to embrace change with open arms isn’t always easy. It’s human nature to want to hold on to what you have or stay in your current situation because it’s comfortable. Change, on the other hand, is uncomfortable. Sometimes, even painful.

Even though we know certain things are unavoidable, we are still surprised when they happen. The big one: death. It’s one of the most emotional events any human can experience: the death of a loved one.

This can be a very emotional, heavy time. Life will be a bit more manageable if everything is organized and prepared for us. Do you know who needs to be contacted? Is there a life insurance policy? Is there a will? Do you know where these documents are located?

Another emotional life event is when your children grow up and go off to college. My own daughter is graduating from Guyer High School this year. I’m so proud, but seriously…how did it happen so fast? (I’m not emotional, you’re emotional).

Luckily, we have been mentally and financially preparing for this big life event for 18 years. Making monthly contributions to a College Savings Plan has eliminated so much worry for our family. We are focusing on the new adventure ahead without having to stress over tuition costs.

As life moves forward, family dynamics shift and change. We are never static. That’s the beauty of life, and if all goes well, we grow into wiser, better versions of our old selves. If you need help getting prepared for all of life’s changes, Jennifer Balmos, PLLC, in Flower Mound can help you with the important life documents that will protect you and your family. Cloud Nine Organizing can help you organize those important documents and vital information.

Being organized and planning ahead for big life events like family vacations, college, retirement, and even death prepares you and your family for almost anything life throws your way. Even if you aren’t looking forward to the change, at least you will know exactly what to do when life happens because you will have all your ducks in a row.


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