Ehrhart’s Jewelers

Ehrhart’s Jewelers

Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, Annette Ehrhart certainly didn’t think she would end up in Denton, Texas. “I guess I just grew where I was planted,” said the owner of Ehrhart’s Jewelers. Annette came to Denton to attend TWU, and while in school, she helped a family friend at an Indian Jewelry show. At that show, she met her future husband Jack Ehrhart, a jewelry designer.

Soon, Annette and Jack were attending jewelry shows together, and in 1975, they put down roots and opened their own store in Denton. Together, they built and grew their business by making the customers their number one priority. “In the beginning, we often joked that first, we said yes to whatever the customers asked of us. Then, we figured out how to make the request happen,” laughs Annette.

The entire team at Ehrhart’s Jewelers has a knack for genuinely listening to customers. Whether it is assisting customers in finding the perfect piece for a special occasion or helping them discover a way to repurpose and redesign a family heirloom, the jewelers take great pride in their ability to think outside the box while providing excellent customer service. Customers often return because they appreciate feeling listened to but never felt pressured to stretch beyond their budget.

For forty-five years, Ehrhart’s Jewelers has done everything from simple repairs to designing and creating extraordinary, custom pieces of fine jewelry. Ehrhart’s is a full-service jeweler, which means that all repairs are done in-house.

When it comes to repairing your jewelry pieces, they offer basic repair services such as soldering chains, sizing rings, setting stones and diamonds, polishing, rhodium plating, and restringing pearls. When it comes to turnaround time, most repairs can be completed in 2 – 5 days.

This truly is a one-stop shop when it comes to jewelry stores. You know that when you choose Ehrhart’s Jewelers, you’re choosing quality care for your precious pieces. Ehrhart’s is also offering that if you bring this ad into the store, they will honor 25% off of your jewelry repair as well as 25% off any purchase excluding Rolex and gold and silver bullion.

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