Eat Better, Live Better

Barbara Giberson was already a successful real estate agent and wasn’t planning on adding anything else to her seemingly unending to-do list. But when you’re called to do something special, you find a way to make room.


That’s exactly what the 62-year-old Flower Mound resident did when she walked into church one Sunday 22 years ago. She had been toying with the idea of becoming a health teacher on the side and even had an offer to attend a seminar, but she was still unsure and simply asked for a sign from the Lord to help make up her mind. Lo and behold, the pastor brought the topic up during his sermon. 


Barbara took that as her sign and hasn’t looked back since. By day, she’s helping families get into the home of their dreams as a realtor for exp Realty. At night, her courses inspire others to take control of their health.


“I always like to say, ‘If your body wears out, where would you live?’” Giberson said with a laugh. “We don’t have to live in fear of diseases. We can control how our body responds, and that’s what we like to teach people.”


She added, “If everyone would just eat healthier, the results would be pretty amazing.”


Giberson is proof of that. Before becoming a health minister for the Hallelujah Diet, she was pre-diabetic and was experiencing the onset of migraines, body pain, and even digestive issues. She wasn’t prepared for it, especially after growing up in a pretty active family that rode horses and owned about 80 acres of land in North Dallas. Within four months of doing the Hallelujah Diet, she lost 40 pounds and eventually overcame all of the illnesses that were dragging her down. 


The Hallelujah Diet is a scientifically-validated, biblically-based diet and whole-food supplements program that preaches a plant-based approach to eating so that the body has the clean nutrients it needs to heal itself. According to its website, officials point out that human intervention and GMOs have become the standard in today’s food. On top of that, people are constantly pulled in different directions when it comes to what is good to eat and how much. They don’t understand how the body processes food and how eating simple daily nutrients can improve physical and mental health.


As a result, our bodies and health are constantly on the decline, Giberson said. She is one of several health ministers who offer local 7-week courses focused on educating participants with facts and uncomplicated tools they can rely on. This includes everything from meal prepping and juicing to how to read labels, the importance of exercise and drinking water, the difference between good and bad sugars, and more. The Hallelujah Diet guides participants on what to eat and provides the perfect supplements to get you back to living your life without spending precious time wondering what may be in your food.


Giberson teaches her nutrition classes at Food Saved Me in Southlake. A recent one she conducted asked participants to choose specific recipes and cook them as a family. From there, they each brought their dish to class and shared it with the group.


“There are tens of thousands of testimonials from people who have had MS, cancer, etc., and have been able to reverse those diseases by taking the toxins out of their bodies and putting clean nutrients in,” Giberson said. “I started simply by eating salads, which has done wonders for me. There’s no telling where I’d be had I not tried this. The body doesn’t care what the name of the disease is — it just needs certain elements to be healthy.”


For Giberson, it’s all in a day’s work — especially when she’s answering the call to help people live healthy lives.


“The people I’ve met and the success stories I heard all those years ago compelled me to teach more people,” Giberson said. “I’m constantly busy as a realtor, but I truly enjoy helping people live better.”


To follow Giberson, check out her Facebook page, DFW Vegans. You can learn more about Hallelujah Diet at


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