Discipline Dedication & Determination

Corinth Mayor Bill Heidemann lives by 3D’s – Discipline, Dedication, and Determination. As he secures another term as the Mayor of the city, he proves that he is also a man of the people.

“I am an honest person. I tell people the truth, and this is what they want to hear,” he said.

Ever since he held the city on his shoulders for the first time, Heidemann has been focused on promoting innovation and preserving the quality of life through planned growth and development. After the successful first term, Bill is now looking forward to working closely with community people for better results.

From building stability in the system to involving citizens in the decision-making process, there are several remarkable changes the city has seen in the last few years. Initiatives like the ambassador program have significantly helped in connecting the dots between the city council and residents. Under Heidemann’s leadership, Corinth upgraded its certification status from Bronze
to Silver in 2018.

“Government is a slow, methodical process,” he said. “We are always in the state of improving things.”

Growing up, Heidemann was deeply fond of sports. Starting from the second grade, Bill extensively played basketball for 15 long years. He wanted to associate with sports for the rest of his life and also dreamed of playing in the NBA. But destiny had something else planned for him, and he joined the Marines.

“Marine Corps is one of the best things that happened to me, though I really didn’t want to go,” Bill recalled. “I learned the importance of discipline, dedication, and determination, and realized I was turning into a better person,” he said. “Marines is a lot about teamwork. The training and everything I went through helped me a lot to perform better in my roles. There were tough times but a lot of success.”

Heidemann’s four years in the Marines took him all over the world. For his excellent work ethic and leadership, he was honored with a prestigious Meritorious Mast in Virginia in 1967.

“One major thing I learned in the Marines was that when you focus on something and be honest about it, you can achieve desired results. I used all my childhood and college experiences and tried to do things in the best possible ways,” he said. “I also realized there’s no better place to live outside the U.S., so I am dedicated to giving back something to the community. Everybody wins when you give back something.”

When asked how he deals with difficult situations, Bill had a humble response.

“My way of dealing with a situation is listening. When you listen, you can learn. I am a good listener, and for any situation, I want to hear the full story. Life is not a one-way street; we have to learn how to compromise, listen, and deal with others. I try to look for a win-win situation.”

Before retiring from a business manager position, Heidemann worked for the printing industry in Wisconsin for 35 long years. He and the family moved to Texas because of the cold, and they wanted to try out their lives here for a couple of years. And guess what, The Lone Star State made them fall in love with it!

“We loved the place, its climate, and most importantly, people are great here,” Bill recalled.

Bill married the love of his life in 1968 and spent 50 glorious years before losing her to cancer in 2018. Bill’s wife stood as his excellent support system all her life.

“She’s a great wife and a great mother who helped me become a better human being,” he said.

So, what’s the secret to his successful married life? Here’s his answer: “There are two important factors that sustain a relationship – Commitment and Communication. There were times when we both were on different pages. Still, we always made sure we had clear communication, and we found a win-win situation. We respected each other’s opinions. That’s all!”

Their kids and grandkids live in different states outside Texas, and he is looking forward to seeing them soon.

Heidemann has been living in Corinth for 14 years now, staying involved in lots of social groups and committees. What he enjoys the most about being the Mayor of this city is the chance to work with people. He takes pride in having great councils through which they solve the city’s problems.

“There are rules and regulations we all have to live by; there are things from the government side that we expect people to follow,” he said. “It’s the process that everybody has to go through. Sometimes, it takes a little more time. But it’s for everybody’s betterment!”

Bill, who wakes up at 5 a.m. every day, spends the entire day in his office working. When he reaches home, he gets himself busy checking emails, responding to calls, taking updates from several sectors. He’s open to the public for any communication.

“It’s kinda like a non-paid position, and I am often asked why I spend so much time for others. But I feel good about it. I love my city and my people,” he remarked.

During weekends, he’s cleaning the house, watching baseball, and spending time with friends.

“I am a high-energy person. I like challenges; I have good health, I am always focusing on what I am supposed to do – work for results. I am not afraid to do whatever it takes.”

No doubt. At 78, he remains YOUTHFUL. The Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce recently honored him with the 2019 Citizen of the Year award for his outstanding contributions to the city.

Heidemann believes in the fact that a robust system is a solution to everything.

“If you have a system, you get the results. If you are not getting the results, see what’s breaking down the system.”

Leading a city is definitely not a piece of cake, but for someone like Bill Heidemann, that’s where the beauty of life lies!

photos courtesy of Bill Heidemann’s Facebook page

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