Digital Clutter: 5 Ways To Unplug Without Completely Disconnecting

Technology has been a huge blessing for the world as we have had to find ways to stay connected with one another. Zoom meetings have helped us conduct business in new ways, and FaceTime and social media have kept us connected with family and friends.

However, technology can never replace our basic human need for face-to-face interactions. Our minds could use a break from the distractions, isolation, and information overload. Your connection to the online world doesn’t have to dominate your life, and there are effective ways to reduce your bond to technology without having to be completely disengaged.

1. Designate A Tech-Free Space In Your House

It’s nearly impossible to completely forego all technology, but you can certainly create a tech-free zone in your home. For instance, you choose to have no devices in the kitchen so that mealtime is family time. Move laptops, tablets, and phones out of the “Tech-Free Space” and into a separate room. A spare bedroom or your home office are great locations. You don’t have to be with your technology 24/7, and by moving devices into a centralized location, you’ll reduce the number of times you engage with your technology.

2. Avoid Placing Your Phone Near Your Bed

I know. You are not loving this advice, but your sleep can be disrupted by the blue light that is transmitted from phones and tablets. It’s difficult for the brain to turn off, which makes it harder to fall asleep. When your device is not near your bed, you won’t check it before you go to sleep or when you first wake up. You will feel more relaxed and will be better rested.

3. Designate One Day To Go Off-Grid

We have become addicted to being “connected” and always available. Protect your time and energy by designating one day or night per week when you are away from your phone, tablet, or computer. This will help you re-engage with yourself, your family, and your friends.

4. Schedule Time For Offline Activities

Learn to relax and embrace peace and quiet by performing activities that do not require access to technology. Go biking or hiking to enjoy the great outdoors. Take an extra-long soak in a bubble bath to relax. Spend some time reading some books or learning a new skill.

5. Spend More Time With Your Friends In Person

Now is the time to start making plans to meet up with friends! The weather is beautiful, and North Texas restaurants and businesses are looking forward to having you back. Go shopping with your best friend or have coffee with someone you love talking to. Yes, texts and phone calls are nice. But face-to-face interaction is good for the soul.

Technology is a BLESSING. But it can overtake our lives if we don’t create our own usage boundaries. Finding a balance can be tricky but not impossible if you start off with these tips.

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