Dental Easter Eggs

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With Easter egg hunts just around the corner, you would think this dental article will lecture on the importance of minimizing candy and sugar (which I am), but it’s also a great opportunity to reveal a few of our own “dental Easter eggs” of facts and tips related to your dental care.

Egg 1: Flossing bleeding gums can stop the bleeding. Oftentimes, patients feel they are flossing hard causing their gums to start to bleed when in actuality, it is bacteria above or below the gums causing inflammation. Flossing in bleeding areas can remove the cause of the inflammation.

Egg 2: Digital dental radiographs have less radiation than your phone. If you’re nervous about radiation exposure, the small digital sensors used require less radiation than the ambient radiation given off your phone. Larger radiographs like panoramic radiographs are equivalent to the radiation of a plane ride.

Egg 3: A “cosmetic” dentist is not a specialty. Prosthodontists are dental specialists that specialize in advanced dental restorative treatment. However, many general dentists have the capability to complete cosmetic work like veneers or implants.

Egg 4: Not all full-mouth esthetic treatments require veneers. It is not uncommon that a patient unhappy with their smile will request veneers, which may be a great solution. However, sometimes a smile can be improved with whitening or Invisalign that does not require major restorative work that could cost teeth their enamel.

Egg 5: Botox can help treat TMJ disorders. This is becoming a more common solution for patients with jaw pain, joint pains, or even headaches from excessive clenching or grinding. The appointment time is less than 20 minutes for most treatments.

Egg 6: Dental laser therapy can help with sleep apnea. Certain lasers utilized in dentistry can help alter the collagen of the soft palate to help “lift” the tissue and open the airway during sleep.
There are certainly many more tips in the dental world. If you ever have a question about your teeth and the many things associated with them, you can always go hunting for the answer with a dental appointment. Happy Smiling!

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