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There are women who seem to navigate through life radiating confidence and vitality. They exude such positive energy that it’s a pleasure just to be near them.

That kind of self-assuredness usually stems from feeling really good about yourself – both inside and out. It’s safe to say that most of us want to achieve that level of self-fulfillment, and most of the time, we need more than positive thinking to become that fortunate person.

MedSuite at Castle Hills has the resources and talent you need to look, feel, and become your best self. Located within the vibrant community of Castle Hills in Carrollton, this premier integrative medical aesthetic center offers the most advanced, results-oriented treatments in a safe and modern environment.

“How you look on the outside often reflects how you feel on the inside, including your mental and emotional health,” MedSuite’s Owner and Medical Director Dr. Anam Tharoo remarked.

Dr. Tharoo is a board-certified, multi-faceted family medicine physician with an impressive list of credentials. She has provided care for patients, delivered babies, and has consulted on adult medicine, cardiac, orthopedic, and intensive care units. A distinguished and highly regarded physician within North Texas, Dr. Tharoo currently serves as the vice chief of staff at Carrollton Regional Medical Center. She is a board-certified physician with the American Board of Family Medicine and also volunteers her time with the Ismaili Health Professionals Association.

Maintaining that life-long dedication to improving and enriching the lives of others, Dr. Tharoo worked in a hospital, enjoyed a thriving career, and nurtured a family – husband Danish and two boys, Noah 8, and Jonah, 3. Following her heart, she made the life-changing decision to drive her talent, compassion, and experience in a new direction. Dr. Tharoo wanted to shift career gears to a more sustainable family- friendly business of helping people in a new realm.

“It was a tough decision to leave Family Medicine for Aesthetic Medicine,” she said. “MedSuite was a vision that came to life when the time was right, the mission was set, and the resources were available. None of it came easily.”

No stranger to education, she returned to the training arena to meet this new challenge with great enthusiasm driven by motivation. Though Dr. Tharoo is already highly accomplished in a broad variety of medical procedures and techniques, “I had to continue to remain up to date with product innovations and the needs of our clients,” she acknowledged.

MedSuite at Castle Hills opened their doors in October 2020. Utilizing the latest in medical and aesthetic technology, this modern, client-focused medical aesthetic clinic offers best-in-class services such as injectables, non-surgical body and facial rejuvenation, customized facials and peels, and advanced laser treatments – including BeautiFill™ – a non-surgical laser liposuction and fat transfer treatment.

Dr. Tharoo is most proud of the monthly membership programs at MedSuite, which encourage clients to be consistent and accountable.

“We develop a monthly treatment plan to address the client’s concerns. Clients receive a service of their choice once a month, included in the membership price,” she explained. “If you skip a month, service for that month can carry over to the next. Or if you know in advance you won’t be able to come in for a month or two, your membership can be placed on hold. We strive to ensure that every dollar you spend is beneficial for you.”

The team at MedSuite is committed to continued learning and growth on new modalities of skincare and products. The staff is well equipped with tools to tackle any skincare or aging concerns. Educating our clients is of the utmost priority, and customizing treatment plans is what sets them apart. “We want our clients to feel empowered,” Dr. Tharoo emphasized.

Dr. Tharoo envisioned MedSuite, but she did not do it alone.

“I cannot thank my family, my mentors, colleagues, and friends enough for encouraging and supporting me. I am most humbled by the outpouring of support from women around me – friends and clients alike,” Dr. Tharoo marveled. “These women feel empowered enough to empower me. I have already gained the most wonderful clients who go above and beyond to support our cause.”

Given Dr. Tharoo’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the health, appearance, and confidence of women through MedSuite at Castle Hills, she is certainly determined to pay it forward.

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photography by Miranda Longoria Photography

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