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Her grandmother grew up in a home with dirt floors and didn’t finish high school. Her dad’s family were farmers in Oklahoma living a simple, hardworking life. She herself was born to humble beginnings in the oil patch region of New Mexico. Now she is a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives – House District 65, that serves a portion of Denton County.

“In America, it doesn’t matter where you came from,” candidate Kronda Thimesch affirmed. “If you are persistent and work hard, anything is possible. That’s the American Dream.”

From Kronda’s early years in New Mexico, the family moved to New Orleans, and eventually her father’s job transfer found them calling Midland, Texas home.

Family influence seemed to be a recurring factor in Kronda’s life.

“We always valued hard work, faith, and family,” she recollected. “On my mother’s side of the family, the importance of education was always stressed. My paternal grandfather served as county chairman for the Republican Party, so the desire to serve the public might be in my blood,” she speculated with a grin.

Community service always has been her calling, even throughout high school in Louisiana. Kronda demonstrated leadership skills early in life as class president, student council secretary, and an officer for the cheerleading squad. As a senior considering landscape architecture, Kronda had the option of two Texas colleges offering that field of study: A&M and Texas Tech — the latter being her final choice. Ultimately, Kronda earned a bachelor’s degree and also met her future husband, Jeff, who shared her academic major!

The couple married right after college and started a landscaping business out of their garage.

“Jeff mowed lawns, and I worked for Coca-Cola. In the evenings, I worked on landscaping designs,” Kronda recollected. “There were challenges along the way when starting the business from scratch, and lots of ‘beans and rice days.’”

Today, their grassroots business has blossomed into the successful Green Meadows Landscaping – a local employer and part of Lewisville’s thriving business community.

While raising four kids and remaining active in both church and community, Kronda was also involved in PTA when the kids were young. Later, she became Hebron High School’s first female football booster club president. As both business owner and community member, her voice was heard.

“I’ve been involved in chambers of commerce, such as those in Lewisville, The Colony, and Metrocrest, all of which include women’s divisions and forums. There, professional women in business have opportunities to learn, grow, and network. I encourage other women to look into these and similar venues,” Kronda proposed.

Always willing to give more of herself, Kronda was elected to the Lewisville ISD school board, one of the largest school districts in Texas, in 2015. Three years later, she won again.

“A school board is nonpartisan,” she explained. “You work with everyone and serve everyone in the community. In this particular role, my objective was representing the best interests of the children.”

Kronda stepped down when she was asked to run for state representative, so her campaign wouldn’t cause a distraction for the school board.

“I wanted then – as I do today – to ensure that our children receive a good education by supporting our teachers and the quality of education in the classroom,” Kronda emphasized. ”I was glad for the time I spent with the LISD.”

“Whatever my professional title is, has been, or will be in the future, it’s not about the position,” Kronda remarked. “It’s the opportunity to serve. I want to leave something better than the condition in which I found it, and for those to enjoy who come along behind.”

Her advice to others? “No opportunity is too small if it leaves the world a better place than before. I join those who look toward the end result rather than the journey. Also, consider how to contribute to those we meet along the way. Not all opportunities to serve are noticed. I never accepted a job to be noticed, only to make things better.”

Within her political platform, safety is a priority.

“And we absolutely need to ensure that we keep the Texas economy strong,” Kronda asserted. “No other state embraces higher values than Texas toward making the American Dream possible.”

This woman who hails from humble roots and modest beginnings has earned a college degree, grown a business, served on a school board, and is running for political office.

“Don’t be discouraged from pursuing your dream. It often takes a long time, but it’s worth it,” she added. “I am running for State Representative to ensure Texas remains the land of endless opportunity for future generations.”

photos courtesy of Kronda Thimesch

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