Curves Ahead

Curves, arcs, and waves are recurrent themes we will be seeing continue in 2022.  It’s a new year and we have all spent a bit more time in our homes than usual over the last two years, noticing all that surrounds us.  Of all the trends for this new year, those that focus on comfort and happy vibes tend to take center stage.

Curves tend to be more pleasing to the eye and offer a more comfortable and relaxing feel to a room.  The curvilinear forms, objects characterized by curving lines and shapes, have been present throughout history dating back to the Classical Period.  The circle has often been viewed in art as a symbol of perfection and completion; whereas the s-curve has been considered supremely beautiful and gentle flowing.  Curvilinear forms are seen in present-day furniture and we will likely begin to see soft, rounded edges popping up once more in bars, kitchen islands, drum tables, barrel back chairs, and stools as well as mirrors and sofas.

When staging a home, the use of a curved piece adds a touch of modern softness especially if a room is full of straight edges.  The use of a pretty round lamp or a curved chair can make a space feel warm and inviting.

Using the Curved Sofa as your Statement Piece

Curved sofas are also referred to as conversation sofas or crescent couches (just a tidbit for your online searches and inspiration).  These unique and bold statement pieces have sprung up in popularity over the last few years and 2022 will continue that trend.

If you are planning on a redesign in your living room, the following styling recommendations should be kept in mind:

  • Curved sofas are best displayed floating in the middle of the room. This also allows for the beauty of the curves to be on full display.  Do not push a piece like this up against the wall.
  • Curved sofas tend to feel smaller than a standard straight-back sofa, however, due to the curve, they tend to consume more space.  Before purchasing a curved sofa, I suggest marking out the dimensions on your floor where you would like it to appear and confirming it will fit into your space.
  • Curved sofas pair much better with a curved or round coffee table. Complimentary shapes create a softer feel for a room.
  • When using a single curved sofa, placement is key.  Placement opposite a focal point such as a TV or fireplace can be balanced with an accent chair to its side.  Other options with the absence of a focal point, would be to place two accent chairs directly opposite of the sofa.
  • Using two curved sofas would be ideal in a large living space, floating them off the walls and facing each other.
  • And finally, repeat the curves in your accents.  For example, an arching floor lamp or round mirror will be pleasing and add a bit of artistic refinement as well as function to your room.

Curves add unmistakable elegance and softness to a room.  Curvilinear forms add the artistic refinement and well-rounded beauty one seeks in a room design.

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