Creating Legacies One Round At A Time

Four years ago, Richard Lox was shuffling a handful of young boxers in and out of grueling workouts at his home garage. Today, he’s got a wildly popular boxing gym on his hands — right in the heart of Lake Dallas.

But if you ask Lox, that’s not even half of it.

To its now 60 or so members, Legacy Boxing Gym is a symbol of what can happen when a community has a safe space that positively impacts the lives of its residents. Whether you’re talking about an 8-year-old needing a sport to gravitate to, a competitive boxer who needs a mentor in and out of the ring, or a 60-year-old grandmother hoping to get back in shape, Lox and his team answer the bell every time.

They actively promote encouragement, perseverance, discipline, respect, and the value of a strong work ethic.

“It’s a boxing gym, but it’s always been more than that,” Lox said. He launched the 501(c)(3) in 2017 to impact area youth. “I think I started with 10 or so kids out of my garage. Now, we have 60 members, from 7 to age 60.”

He added, “It’s those moments when you find out that you’ve impacted someone’s life that is special.”

Lox is a former golden gloves boxer, with an amateur record of 154-56 and a pro record of 10-8-1. He started in the ring at 6 years old at a gym his uncles opened to keep youth out of trouble. He never looked back and has spent his life coaching and mentoring boxers. In many ways, his career has come full-circle with Legacy Boxing Gym, which serves the same purpose as the one that saved him all those years ago.

Yes, you can get involved in beginner or competitive boxing lessons, but he also offers personal training for all age groups, women’s boxing classes, group sessions, and more. He’s hosted free women’s self-defense classes with help from the local police department, and he’s in the process of offering an after-school study program for the kids.

“Most boxing gyms are only open during boxing times. I’m trying to keep this place active all day long,” Lox said.

Lox is always putting the community’s needs first. To date, he’s never turned someone away because they couldn’t afford to join and take part in a class. Most of his classes cost as little as $50 a month.

In his mind, the sky is the limit for his gym. But more importantly, the sky is the limit for his community.

940.279.4500 | | 525 E. Hundley Dr. • Lake Dallas, TX 75065

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