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Studio 360 Med Spa opened in Highland Village in October 2018 under the guidance of professional business entrepreneur Donna Phillips. The first expansion into new services and treatments happened less than a year later. Most people correctly equate that kind of rapid growth with success. Manager Ryndi Hodge agrees and is dedicated to keeping Studio 360 on track for more of the same.

“Our spa was not planned to function according to industry norms,” Hodge stressed. “We’ve never been rigid or inflexible, but, instead, we’re the exact opposite. Our entire philosophy is about innovation and invention. That means constantly educating ourselves about what is available and how much of it we can offer to our clients. Our goal is to provide everything they need for full, comprehensive care — a 360- degree approach to their health and beauty.”

Studio 360 takes the word “Med” in their name very seriously. Many facilities consider themselves “med” providers because they use needles and give injections! That is not so with Studio 360.

“Absolutely not,” said Hodge. “Our staff includes a medical director, a nurse practitioner, an advanced practice nurse, and estheticians.
We work hard to be an industry leader in our approach to health and beauty.”

Hodge is generous with words such as “exciting,” “innovative,” “transformative,” “cutting-edge,” and more. And there’s plenty of justification for that vocabulary because that’s the line Studio 360 walks.

One of the health services on the menu is BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy. It’s a body rejuvenating procedure, with its potential efficacy assessed on an individual basis after a full medical consultation.

IV Therapies provide even more options. These are mental as well as physical boosters, a carefully selected and blended mix of vitamins and minerals targeting specific areas and administered intravenously. One combination reduces headaches and stops feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. Another promotes mental clarity and focus. And yet another speeds up recovery from airborne illnesses such as the common cold. There are also clinician-administered Vitamin B-12 injections.

“We are constantly learning,” said Hodge. “We go through training by various clinical teams each time we add a new procedure or process. The fact that we’re always learning and moving forward supports the sense of excitement and expectation every day when we come
to work.”

She added, “We also take every opportunity to brainstorm with one another. We look at new treatments, and we’re open for suggestions.
One goal is to offer more opportunities for men. They can benefit from so many of our services, especially in the health and wellness areas.

“We never sit still. We closed our doors for six weeks due to COVID-19, but we didn’t shut down communication with our clients. We had virtual bingo with prizes. We gave information about things to do and things to avoid in order to minimize the negative effects of quarantine. We kept our clients involved.”

Hodge is also keenly aware of how the atmosphere within an environment affects everyone in that space. She and the entire staff make every effort to establish and maintain a family feeling that binds together the staff with one another and with the clients. They create a fabric of support and concern. Clients even have the cell phone numbers of staff members.

“Every day is fun, different, and challenging,” commented Hodge. “But every day is also the same because of the family environment we’ve created in the studio. We want all our clients to know we’re always there for them. That’s why they have our cell phones. That’s why staff members come together almost daily and discuss possibilities. We know what works and what doesn’t in this business. We also know the success of one staff member is the only way to boost the success of everyone. And we know success doesn’t just happen on its own. It must be created out of our own enthusiasm and excitement.”

The air at Studio 360 is electric. Nothing sits idle. A boutique full of products, including a make-up line, was added just nine months after the studio’s grand opening. The challenges continue, and meeting the challenges brings more growth. Staff members push one another to new levels, reaching to be the very best in their respective fields. It is rapidly becoming a full-service medical spa, where the staff invests its personal energy and dedication into how their clients feel as well as look.

Studio 360 knows beauty is more than skin deep, and the people there see no reason why you can’t be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

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