380 Family Dentistry in Prosper.

Getting most people to go to the neighborhood dentist is like pulling teeth, but Dr. Travis Campbell recalls always looking forward to going to the dentist as a child because his dentist made it a fun experience. As a result, following the same career path seemed like a no-brainer. He loves being a dentist!  But he knows full […]


Lauri Ragland - Criminal Court Judge Denton County

In recent years, it has become more common for women to make big moves to change the history of womankind. It has become increasingly obvious that women are taking back their power and using it for the good of others.  This is why the Denton County Commissioner’s decision to make Lauri Ragland the Judge of […]


Brewed Awakening is now open at Argyle High School! They offer hot and iced espresso-based drinks, cold brews, frappes, fruit smoothies, cold food items, and pastries. They offer these options for breakfast and are hoping to be open for lunch very soon. Their pastries are also made fresh and delivered daily by pastry chef Brittney. […]


Harpool Snack Pantry

The Harpool Middle School Snack Pantry needs your help to restock its shelves! Visit to view the items that Harpool is in need of.

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