Choosing The Best Orthodontic Treatment

Preconceived notions can often lead you down a troublesome path. I experienced this not too long ago when I misjudged my dryer and thought it was shrinking my clothes. It actually turned out to be the refrigerator. Dad jokes aside, I often witness the similar incorrect assumptions when it comes to patient’s understanding of orthodontics. The reality is orthodontics is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, it takes proper diagnosis and recognition of desires to reach the proper goal. Here are some aspects to bear in mind when considering orthodontic treatment.

Oftentimes, patients only see orthodontic treatment as esthetic only. The truth is health is beauty. Orthodontics improve the overall appearance of teeth because it places them in the proper position for functioning. Crowded teeth not only are more difficult to clean, but trapped surfaces allow for easier plaque buildup. Lightly touching teeth are easier to floss and create less surface area for bacteria adhesion. Furthermore, proper biting or occlusion helps to prevent uneven wear or parafunctional habits that could lead to potential TMJ disorders.

When choosing between traditional bracket orthodontics or clear aligners, like Invisalign, it is helpful to know the benefits of each. Though clear aligners are gaining a lot of ground, traditional braces still have a broad treatment span. Braces do not require the consistent compliance of aligners. Invisalign has its advantage in that it is a clear treatment that allows for easier brushing and flossing. Also, there is no concern of loose wires or dislodged brackets. In acceptable cases, I often encourage teens playing sports or in band to consider Invisalign because the trays can be removed. Adults, too, are more likely to choose Invisalign for ease of use and esthetics. However, keep in mind that combination treatments can use both.

Whether choosing traditional orthodontics or a modern approach, remember it is never too late to correct misaligned teeth. Several years of proper tooth placement is always worth the treatment time.

Visit your dentist or orthodontist to help decide what is best for your child and for you! Happy Smiling!

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