Children Are The Future

It’s such an easy thing to say that children are our future. The children of today are going to grow up and pave the way for other future generations to come. This fact alone is why investing in our children and giving them opportunities for growth and success is so important in today’s society. Local Lantana resident Amy Bundgus sees how imperative these issues involving our youth truly are. She has set out to make an impressive difference for not only our children and our schools but also our community.

Amy has lived in Texas for the last 16 years. She is originally from Minnesota but was persuaded to travel south to the Lone Star State due to better job opportunities and climate.

“Now, our entire family has actually relocated to Texas. We love North Texas.” Amy says.

Amy attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa where she majored in political science. While in Iowa, Amy worked under former Iowa Senator, Gene Maddox, which quickly began her interest in politics. Amy has been married to her husband for 10 years and together they share a beautiful blended family of seven children. Amy has two biological children, and her husband has five of his own. Her youngest child is now a junior at Guyer High School. Because of her kids’ involvement in Denton ISD, Amy’s interest in our local school district began years ago.

Amy has always been a very active parent in the school system, including being a band mom and also attending events and football games.

“I think that it’s important to have people on our board who are invested,” Amy says.

Amy is extremely driven to bring light to the importance of our children’s education, especially due to all of the changes and challenges that COVID-19 has brought on. One of the places that Amy has noticed room for improvement is in the school’s curriculum. Amy wants to bring awareness to the importance of civics courses and accurate history, while also eliminating social and moral topics in the classroom. “I believe that those types of topics and discussions should be had and taught at home instead of in a classroom,” Amy says.

Amy also wants to utilize conservative, fiscal responsibility to deal with rapid growth in our school district. The City of Denton consists of 100 square miles while Denton ISD consists of 200 square miles. The district itself consists of approximately 32,000 students. “Denton ISD is the largest ISD in the county,” Amy says.

Because of the number of students that attend Denton ISD, Amy realizes that college might not be the option chosen for each and every child that graduates from our school system. Amy has a passion for providing programs that are going to help students become employable after graduation such as fire and EMT programs. “I’d love to see partnerships and internships for students with different businesses around our local community,” Amy says.

Amy wants to provide skills in the classroom that are going to be relevant and useful for today as well as 10 years from now. With the experience that Amy has in learning and leadership development, Amy wants to ensure that students are able to receive and understand skills that are going to help them become employable.

As a parent of a child that attends Denton ISD, it is important to Amy that the parents of our students feel heard. “My phone is always on and open to a parent who has concerns,” Amy says. And because of this, Amy’s theme for her campaign is fitting to her as a family-oriented parent.

“A vote for me is a vote for family and for the future.”

And it’s safe to say that Amy has proven that her first priority is making sure that the children of our generation have a bright future ahead of them.

photo courtesy of Amy Bundgus

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