Changing People’s Lives Through Weight Loss

Laura and Lynne Alexis can tell you countless stories of everyday people who struggled with being overweight but saw their lives change in the blink of an eye — all because of a laser that looks and feels like it’s not doing anything.

For example, one gentleman needed to drop a few pounds before he could be approved for knee surgery. Within a few weeks, he went back to his doctor and was told the surgery was no longer necessary. There was also a patient who, for years, relied on a walker to get around but miraculously cast it aside, and another gentleman who always had to purchase two seats and ask for a seatbelt extender when he’d get on an airplane. They are both now living their best life.

And then you have Laura, who five years ago was depressed and overweight after the loss of her baby boy, Phillip. A doctor she worked for introduced her to a small laser machine tucked away in a corner.

“There was a red, shining light hovering over my tummy area, and I remember rolling my eyes and looking down as I said, ‘Are you sure this is working? I can’t feel anything,’” Laura said. “I did this on a Monday, and when I came back two days later and saw the results, I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to get under it again and push the repeat button. When it transformed me mentally, physically, and emotionally, I knew I had to do the same for others.”

And just like that, Innovative Lasers of Houston was born.

When we caught up with Laura and Lynne earlier this month, she shared how Innovative Lasers went from a single office to six — five in Houston and one in Preston Hollow — while changing the weight loss game several thousand fat cells at a time. And it’s all thanks to the Zerona Laser, the first FDA-approved non-invasive total body contouring procedure without the adverse side effects of surgical and other weight loss procedures like liposuction.

There’s no downtime, no swelling, no bruising, no pain, no heat, and no cold. Zerona is FDA approved, and patients experience an average reduction of 3 to 11 inches in two weeks.

“We don’t destroy fat cells; we shrink them,” Laura said. “Like a magnet that is attracted to metal, the Zerona Laser is attracted to fat cells. It creates tears in the fat cells and sweeps them throughout the body so the content of those cells naturally seep out through bodily fluids such as urine and sweat. When that happens, the results are immediate.”

The Zerona Laser is good for anybody and everybody — regardless of whether you want to lose five pounds or 105 pounds. Not only does their laser shrink the fat cells, but patients aren’t left with troublesome loose skin because the laser stimulates the collagen in your body.

“I feel strongly that this procedure shouldn’t just be for the rich and famous but also for the average person just like me,” she said. “I’m here to help people and change people’s lives.”


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