Chandler’s Kitchen & Bar

Chandler’s Kitchen & Bar

You may recognize the owners of Parker Square’s newest restaurant, Chandler’s Kitchen & Bar. The Wills were the original owners of The Table in Flower Mound and have brought their passion and experience with restaurants to their latest endeavor here in Flower Mound.

What prompted the Wills family to return to the local restaurant game? Like many of us, they were missing connectivity over the last few years. So, they decided to create a space where friends, family, and co-workers could enjoy a meal together again.

If you’re familiar with The Table, some of Chandler’s dishes, like the Pork Schnitzel or their Mussels, will look familiar to you. But there are also a lot of great, new dishes to try as well!

One of their best sellers is the Crab Avocado — crab-stuffed avocados topped with a roasted corn pico and a cilantro cream sauce. Fried mozzarella fans will love their take on this classic appetizer, which comes in ball form and is served with fresh pesto and marinara.

As we already mentioned, their Pork Schnitzel is back, and tastes even better than we remember! It’s a breaded pork cutlet over German potato salad, topped with a fried egg, and served with arugula and lemon vinaigrette.

If you’re really hungry, you must try a few of Chef Brad’s favorite dishes — the Pork Chop, which comes topped with Tabasco onions and apple chutney. Or the Ribeye, which is topped with steak-cut onion rings and served with house potatoes.

Chandler’s also has an impressive bar with signature cocktails, like The Lawrence — named after the owners’ father — which is a combination of bourbon, blackberry, housemade grenadine, cranberry, and lemon.

We are so excited for Chandler’s to open up in Parker Square and love seeing the Wills family back in the restaurant business. Plan a visit to Chandler’s Kitchen & Bar to enjoy a lunch, brunch, happy hour, or evening out!

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