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Castle Spirits

Devon Amsterdam isn’t pretending he’s been in the liquor business all his life. Truth be told, he didn’t take ownership of Castle Spirits — a staple of Lewisville and nearby communities for the past 10 years — until March 2021. But, a quick conversation proves Devon knows his stuff. When it comes to having a selection that goes above and beyond, there is no one better at providing customers with the spirits they really want.

“Our goal is to ensure people leave with the product they were looking for,” Devon said. “If we don’t have a particular product, we’ll track it down.”

It’s difficult to imagine anyone leaving empty-handed or being unimpressed by this liquor store. Castle Spirits was one of the first liquor stores in Lewisville when it opened its doors in 2012. And, perhaps, its most endearing quality is its unrivaled selection, quality, and staff. While they have the household names of distilled spirits, craft beer, and wine, Castle Spirits prides itself on seeking out rare products that aren’t always carried elsewhere. Listening to their customers to refine and rotate the selection is what sets Castle Spirits apart from the rest.

“We keep up with the bourbon and tequila crowd, and have also collected some pretty unique stuff for our wine selection,” Devon said. “The store is clean, and not overwhelming. You can go elsewhere and find aisles and aisles of stuff. With less space at our store, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. And if it’s not here, we go find it for our customers.”

If you haven’t tried Castle Spirits yet, what are you waiting for? Visit them today at 2540 King Arthur Blvd., Suite 110.

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