Castle Spirits, Boosting Your Spirit

As the city kicks off the holiday season, the team at Castle Spirits has gotten a little busier than usual. Interestingly, the staff members are happier during hectic hours, because that’s when they’re making customers smile. The store is just like what a visitor expects – clean and cozy with friendly service.

For more than a decade, Lewisville’s favorite wine shop, Castle Spirits, has been serving the city with award-winning spirits, beer, and wines. Locals from the surrounding communities also come to the liquor store located in Castle Hills Village Shops & Plaza. One of the compliments the team regularly gets is that they have an excellent selection for such a small store.

“We have a couple of surprises for our whiskey drinkers closer to Christmas,” says Devon Amsterdam, the business owner. “It seems that supply is getting a bit more constrained; however, we are doing everything we can to make sure that our customers don’t feel the impact.”

Castle Spirits has a wide variety of world-class distilled spirits, craft beer, and hand-selected estate wines imported from different countries. Tito’s Vodka, Day Cab, Soco Ginger Beer, and Coors Light are the most loved products. The boutique service they provide makes Castle Spirits different from a typical liquor shop. “We regularly order products at the customers’ request,” he said.

We try to ensure that our customers get a product they will be happy with,” Devon added. “It’s not uncommon for our regulars to come to the store and be greeted with their preferred spirit, wine, or beer waiting for them at the counter.”


Devon acquired the business early this year and is constantly working to provide excellent customer service. Owning a store amidst the pandemic was quite challenging; however, he pulled off a win. “My personal connection to the business is the people. The customers and their support are amazing,” he shared. “It seems that people appreciate us, and that’s an awesome feeling.”


Regulars often share that the store has a great wine selection. Devon smiles in joy when he receives such feedback. “We only recommend products we enjoy ourselves or have a lot of positive customer feedback,” he said. Attractions and events are what keep the team and regulars excited. The Wine and Art Walk was the first big event inside the store. He says it was really cool for the team to see so many people enjoying the wines and snacks that were sampled as well as getting to meet so many people from the area.


Castle Spirits recently launched a new website and apps to make ordering for delivery and in-store pick-up easier. Now Castle Spirits app is on both the Apple and Google stores. The website accepts orders at a minimum of $15. The store delivers orders inside Denton County as long as it’s within 7 miles of the store.


Regarding product selection, the team tries to monitor trends and looks out for products that match what they see moving. “One of the coolest feelings is seeing a new wine sell out or having a customer come back and rebuy a new product,” Devon mentioned. The team carefully coordinates with suppliers and customers to ensure the best of the best. While you will still find wines from several of the major producers at Castle Spirits, they have brought in some unique wines that are exceptional and of great value.


Returning customers make Castle Spirits a one-stop liquor destination for locals. “We are pretty attentive to what our customers are purchasing and make recommendations of similar products or products that may be adjacent to what they are purchasing. We try to offer customized service for each customer,” he said.


As the store continues to thrive, Devon appreciates any kind of feedback from the locals. He thanks his customers for supporting the business and looks forward to serving more new visitors this holiday season. 

Castle Spirits

2540 King Arthur Blvd #110, Lewisville, TX 75056

Devon Amsterdam, owner

(214) 536-21-83

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