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Bedtime Rescue is an ongoing 501c non-profit program that is operated by Cloud 9 charities. It was founded 10 years ago after the owner and founder of Cloud 9 Charities, Kim Cloud, was watching an episode of 60 Minutes. “The episode was talking in detail about homeless, school-age children in our nation,” Kim explained. This one episode led her to discover through personal research that there were in fact over 300 families that were registered as homeless in our Denton County schools, and that was just the families that were registered. “It’s not something that you would ever think that our area would suffer from. But it’s a real problem that we have,” Kim explained.  

Bedtime Rescue’s mission is to provide temporary housing to families in our community who are in crisis and need safe shelter. In just their first year of operation, Bedtime Rescue helped 20 families find temporary safe shelter. “We’ve worked hard to build positive relationships with hotels that are based all around Denton County,” Kim said. “Because of this, we can get families off of the streets and into hotels quickly. We’re also able to get them connected to valuable resources that will help these families get back on their feet.”

Bedtime Rescue has grown quite a bit in its ten years of life-changing actions. The number of families that they have been able to help better their lives and provide safety has grown from their first year’s 20 families to 306 families in 2021. “We doubled our number of families in the year 2021 and we’re on track to serving even more than that in 2022,” Kim said excitedly. “On average, we’re able to help around 30 families a month.”

Cloud 9 Charities hosts two annual fundraising events every year, their Annual Giving & Golf Tournament which takes place in April, and their upcoming event The Best Little Brewfest in Texas. 

The Best Little Brewfest in Texas was officially created and established as a charity beer festival that is 100%-for-charity. Their first event took place in 2013 and was located at the Texas Motor Speedway. However, the very next year, Cloud 9 Charities found their new home for The Best Little Brewfest in Texas – Old Town Lewisville. It was in 2015 that they expanded their popular event to include the greatly appreciated and widely received VIP section solely for the event’s VIP guests to be able to enjoy The Best Little Brewfest in Texas in a more exclusive way. Every year, Cloud 9 Charities adds a few extra special features to keep the event special for all of their reoccurring guests. 

This year marks 10 years of The Best Little Brewfest in Texas! After a few years of being on hiatus due to the pandemic, Cloud 9 Charities is celebrating 10 years of local brew tasting for charity on October 15th in Old Town Lewisville. You’re able to purchase tickets or volunteer to help with the event on their Cloud 9 Charities website by clicking the “Our Events” tab. “Volunteers are needed. We’ll need 200 volunteers for this event,” Kim explained. 

Bedtime Rescue or Cloud 9 Charities could not have made it to the place that they are without the support of their incredible board, sponsors, and volunteers. Each person that has dedicated their time to this amazing cause and non-profit organization has not only made an impact on the operation but also the families of Denton County. 

The ultimate goal of Kim, the board, their sponsors, and the volunteers of Cloud 9 Charities is to spread the word about Bedtime Rescue. “There are so many amazing nonprofits in Denton County who do wonderful things,” Kim mentioned. “We want people to understand what we do. This is a huge problem that we’re dealing with and what we’re doing is needed.”

To learn more about Bedtime Rescue and Cloud 9 Charities, feel free to visit their website or their Cloud 9 Charities Facebook page.

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